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January 10, 2007

Clay County offices

If you testified at a criminal trial, would you feel good about sharing office space with the indicted person after the trial? A county auditor employee said she would not feel good, and that is the biggest reason why a wall was built (1/9, Local, “Clay County mulls wall’s fate; Commissioners study legal options about a divider built in an office”).

In 2000, the employee had to testify at Tom Brandom’s criminal trial. During the trial, the employee testified about paperwork that pertained specifically to his criminal charges.

Now that Brandom is the elected county clerk, she is rightfully concerned. For many years, the clerk and the auditor offices shared common and unsecured working space. The employee told me that she was quite troubled that Mr. Brandom could easily come into our work space and possibly create an office environment not conducive to acceptable working conditions.

The wall was needed to have a separate, distinct and secure work space.

Vic Hurlbert
Clay County auditor



If you are terrified of working around crooks, you best look out for that perjuring, crook Assist. DA Colotta.
This guy should not be allowed to be on the Missouri Bar. I thought perjury was against the law.


A wall won't keep them out. Just ask an immigrant.

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