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January 13, 2007

National anthem gripes

Those Indianapolistas who are outraged by Chief fans yelling “... home of the Chiefs” during the national anthem at the AFC playoff (1/10, Letters) game need to get a broader perspective on things.

First, why is the national anthem sung prior to events where a group of overpaid men plan to play with a ball while people yell at them? What does sports have to do with patriotism?

Besides, if the national anthem is so sacred, why is it that most Americans don’t even know all the words, let alone the rest of the verses we don’t sing?

How many people just move their lips or don’t even sing at all when the anthem is played?

The anthem belongs to all of us. After all, as the words say, this is “the land of the free,” and, like it or not, that includes freedom of speech, no matter how stupid the words that come out of your mouth might sound to somebody else.

Isn’t that one of the freedoms the military personnel on the field that day have sworn to defend?

P.S. I looked up “couth,” as suggested. Sure enough, the dictionary said “See Indiana.” Thanks.

Thomas E. Dodson
Kansas City



Great version of the anthem -- soulful:



Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and mine has always been that "home of the Chiefs" is at least mildly offensive. That some people from Indianna didn't like it seems very understandable, I don't like it either. However, some Indiannians took the trouble to write letters extolling the behavior of Chiefs fans, so on the whole they were gracious.


"Man, methinks youse guys are epitomizing moronic yourselves."

Getting back to the letter - I think it's obvious why someone from another city (or even someone local) would be offended by the "Chiefs" version of the National Anthem.
It's just a stupid pasttime - to try to defend it is folly.

Ray Seay

Hall of Blowhard Cowards;;



Ray Seay

What's your IQ again, Ray? 152?

Posted by: CRD | Jan 14, 2007 12:12:41 PM

irishguy showed himself a bigmouthed coward, able to insult and lie, then too cowardly to put up money to back up his lies.
Until now I have mostly disagreed with you but respected you.
I will pretend you did not post this but if you pull this s*** again and do not have the courage to back it up I will ignore everything you say as I now do for that loudmouthed coward.


With Ethel Merman's talent?


"How many people just move their lips or don’t even sing at all when the anthem is played?"

What I want to know is how come these people never sit behind me. I always get stuck in front of the Ethel Merman types.


What's your IQ again, Ray? 152?

Ray Seay

METHINKS, v. impers. pp. methought. [me and think.] It seems to me; it appears to me;

The word is not elegant.


Man, methinks youse guys are epitomizing moronic yourselves.

Ray Seay


You are wrong.

worldwide dictionary:

Thomas E Dobson

Total idiot.


Look up 'stupid' and you see Thomas E. Dodson.

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