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January 09, 2007

Respect national anthem

The thousands of Chiefs fans visiting our city and attending the AFC playoff game made a mockery of our national anthem by screaming “home of the Chiefs” instead of “home of the brave,” the way it was written.

This may be “tradition” in Kansas City, but in Indianapolis it is disrespectful and disgraceful. Turning our nation’s anthem into a team chant, especially while Colts were honoring members of our military on the field, turns my stomach.

Chief fans, shame on you.

P.S. How about that Larry Johnson!

Paul A. Hurley
Beech Grove, Ind.

I thought some Chiefs fans were very “bush league” in their actions during the national anthem at the Colts game Saturday. On the field were men and women from all branches of the military. When we sang “...and the home of the brave,” your fans yelled “Chiefs” instead.

How disrespectful.

Try to show some couth in the future.

Look it up if you don’t know what couth is.

Jerry Mace
Noblesville, Ind.



"We should be mad at the commander-in-chief and his buddies for sending these wonderful people in the military over there to this war they, the leaders of our country, lied about from the get-go, rather than being angry with football fans having a good time, all in the name of fun."

Agreed. It's a question of priorities.

Bumper magnet patriotism. I want to see the same energy directed towards our politicians and policy makers who put our troops in harm's way as we're seeing spent here in spouting off about some trumped-up "perceived" disrespect to our troops by football fans.


The arguments against...

Offensive, bad taste, disrespectful.

The arguments for...

it's tradition, it's fun, get over it.

I know of no one, who upon first hearing 'home of the Chiefs' isn't left stunned afterwards. Indianapolis fans have just been added to the long list of people KC fans feel should just 'get over it.' A rather selfish position taken by normally unselfish people.


Jack: I totally respect that you don't agree with me and I have nothing but respect for the opinion of your military member. Howver, my point is simply that this practice is not meant as any form of disrespect to anyone or anything.

I can understand how people might feel as if it is, but they need to take a step back and realize what it really is. Think about where you are when it is done and why it is being done.

As for somewhere in the middle's comment, I am just curious: Do you think that our military members resent those of us who are attending a sporting event when the military is overseas fighting? I sincerely doubt it. They are fighting for our country and for our freedoms. One of those freedoms is to be able to enjoy life and have some fun.

The 80,000 fans at a Chiefs' game yelling "Home of the Chiefs" are no less proud of the troops than you or I, they are just having a good time, not meaning any sort of disrespect or dishonor. Let's take it for what it is: fun, pure and simple.

Why not have a discussion of something that actually should matter instead of making something out of nothing? We should be mad at the commander-in-chief and his buddies for sending these wonderful people in the military over there to this war they, the leaders of our country, lied about from the get-go, rather than being angry with football fans having a good time, all in the name of fun.


It's not like Indy people are the most respectful. Half the time you have to get halfway to Muncie to find anyone with any.
All grandfathers in the military, dad was in the military, two brothers where, and so was my sis. When they hear "Chieeeeefs", the only thing that they say is..."Chieeefs!!". While in the military they said it as intended. But after, right back to Chiefs. I do understand the complaint that Military was being honored there, but get over it.

THAT was my foot

It's not right... it's flat out disrespectful to our troops.

Everyone gets to have their big cookout, get drunk, and yell git 'r done at the teams as they play. While our troops, both women and men get to wake up every morning and wonder if this is the day they get to come home the wrong way.

It's a game people; show some respect for those who die everyday for US.

mike d

Try to show some couth in the future.
Look it up if you don’t know what couth is.

So you call us to the mat for disrespecting the anthem, by belittling us. Very Clever

mike d

I can see how you could find it disrespectful. I have nothing but respect for our troops (5 members of my family are in the military) and our country, but I am not offended by yelling Chiefs. The NFL and other sporting events are so generic with their music, chants and cheers, its kind of fun that KC has their own thing that can't be copied by others. My suggestion is to delay "Chiefs" yell for one second, so the singer can finish the anthem. The effect will be the same and everyone will be happy.


berlati: Since my member of the armed forces thinks the practice is disrespectful, I hope you don't mind my failure to participate with you in this.


I love that these white trash race fans from Indy don't get enough thrill from just winning, they want to criticize our decorum on top of it all. I'm uber-proud of Chiefs fans... which is nice because the team turned up in a less than prideful way that same day. The fact that we had enough red-wearing crazies there for this to even be noteworthy is pretty effin' awesome. The scary thing is that a few of you agreed with them

Now, I'm not asking where you stand on this debate. Because if you disagree with the awesomeness of this tradition, then don't let me know and forever trash any hope I may have ever had for Kansas City and for the human race. But, to review, here are some reasons why this Arrowhead Tradition is totally off-the scale radical:

* started by none other than Huey Lewis
* lets Chief fans make their presence felt on the road
* gets players revved up for the big game
* Lamar Hunt loved it, and the entire Hunt family participates
* it happens at Kauffman sometimes
* changed Chief protocol... now the team is on-field for the Anthem (began by Gunther, I think)

Also, I'd theorize that Arrowhead is one of the most silent and respectful Anthem crowds in all of sports... with the exception of the final line. I'm not thinking that Chiefs loyalists are the gentlest creatures in the land, but I believe that the anticipation of the final roar keeps them attentive and silent up until that point. It is great, and anybody who writes letters to newspapers complaining about it can kiss my shiny rear.


"You are so out of touch with reality."

Actually, for once, I thought Sophie nailed it pretty dead on.

As for the "home of the Chiefs" usage, perhaps a better question to ask ourselves is just why the dickens we're singing the national anthem at sporting events anyhow? Does it somehow make the act of buying tickets and downing $8 beers more patriotic?

When you think about it, it's somewhat of an odd practice to sing the national anthem at such events, since we hardly spend the sporting event ruminating on the importance of being an American and on our national identity -- rather, you spend the game vocalizing your animosity towards a bunch of fellow Americans (or Canadians, in the case of the Raptors, the Blue Jays, the Expos, and several hockey teams) in different colors.

It's all in good fun, of course, but methinks it has precious darn little to do with the ideals for which our flag stands and for which our troops are dying to protect.

Going back to one-sided's comment about winning wars -- it'd be nice for our troops, wouldn't it, if our dear commander-in-chief would actually define the term "win" in the current situation, wouldn't it?

Football's easy. I know when the Chiefs win (and unfortunately, when they lose). Being a "patriotic" fan is easy too. However, exhibiting true patriotism and respecting our troops requires a bit more than slapping a magnet on one's car and exhibiting puffed-up outrage about changing one word in the national anthem being sung at a sporting event.


The singing of "Home of the Chiefs" at the end of the national anthem when the Chiefs play is not meant to be anything but fun. It is not meant as a form of disrespect to our flag, our country, or our military. Chiefs' fans are just doing it to have fun, promote a feeling of excitement and pump up the crowd and the players. As a die-hard Chiefs' fan, and a wife of of Navy 13-year (and counting) Veteran, I am appalled at the insinuation that this is meant to disrespect our military men and women. My husband is one of the many fighting for our rights as a free country and if he wants to proclaim Arrowhead (or any other stadium he deems worthy) as the "Home of the Chiefs" for a simple football game, so be it. Let Chiefs' fans have their fun and quit reading so much into it.


When I first started going to Chiefs games I ws appalled by this practise. Then I read a comment by Gunther Cunningham that the players liked it. At that point I thought, "Well, maybe, if the players like it."

Then came the first time my son in the Army went to a game with me. Even though he was in "civies" he stood at attention, facing the flag throughout the National Anthem. After the crowd yelled, "Chiefs", he turned to me and said, "The crowd here is really disrespectful, isn't it."

I've been wishing they would quit ever since.


Very interesting that the Hunt family did not have an issue with it.

From an article in the kcstar talking about the game in Indy...

"In their luxury suite, the Hunt family could see their father at the end of the national anthem, when a chorus of Kansas City fans chimed in, “AND THE HOME OF THE CHIEFS!” and when each family member sang the anthem out loud, just as Lamar Hunt had taught them."


Two Indiana fans took the time to write in to the Star about this. I agree with them and always have. Although I have rarely attended a Chiefs game I too am offended and disgusted by the fans yelling "Chiefs!" at the end of our national anthem. I would suggest that the Chiefs organization ask the fans to discontinue this.


Beats losing at any cost.


Sophie -

"we have to win at any cost"

That is usually the idea behind a war. You are so out of touch with reality.

Sophie Demartine

What's even more disrespectful is Republicans consider the Iraq war like a Football game, we have to win at any cost.

I like to watch football like anyone but maybe we give it more importance than it deserves and maybe that is screwing up our children a bit.

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