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January 28, 2007

Spanking and other issues

I wonder what Mike Hendricks thinks about the California legislator who proposed a law making it a misdemeanor to spank any child younger than 4. In his Jan. 22 column, he blasts the Wichita legislator who proposed a bill to give state teachers immunity from lawsuits if they spanked their pupils.

Arguing that state legislators have proposed some ridiculously frivolous and unnecessary laws, he goes on to list as another example laws requiring that state driver’s license tests only be given in English. Quoting Mr. Hendricks, “I’d like to think they have driver’s licenses if they’re out on the road, even if they haven’t mastered the local lingo.”

Granted, one’s political persuasion colors which laws one perceives as reasonable and necessary. However, I don’t remember seeing any Kansas highway signs printed in any other language than English. How sensible is it to allow someone to drive without understanding traffic signs and directions?

Michael Kalny

It is illegal for adults to hit one another with boards but, according to one Kansas senator, if the board is called a paddle, educators should be able to hit children with it, so long as the parents (already hitting their children at home?) give permission. How quaint.

Children are still the only people who can be hit in the home, in too many schools and with the approval of far too many churches. The only proviso? Be sure to call these hittings “spanking” or “discipline” or “not sparing the rod,” and try not to cross the hazy line between such hitting and legally defined child abuse

Sadly, corporal punishment is the preferred practice of not only slave masters, wife beaters and child abusers. It is also the preferred practice of far too many parents, teachers and preachers. Shouldn’t Kansas legislators know better?

John E. Valusek



A pair of letters sadly lacking meaningful content. One compares parents to "slave masters". The other makes the olympian jump from from corporal punishment in schools to english language driving tests.

BTW: I wonder if Mr Kalny has ever considered the reason that traffic signs are of all different shapes. I've always figured it was so it isn't necessary to be able to read to know what the sign means.

Stupid me.

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