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January 28, 2007

Spend on Americans

Why are we giving Lebanon $770 million to rebuild (1/26, A-16, “Violence wracks Beirut”)? We didn’t tear up Lebanon.

We have Americans in New Orleans who are hurting. Our politicians are always saying they want to help the American people. Forget Lebanon. Take care of ours first.

Frank Thompson
De Soto



looks like Bush is targeting CEO salaries, like he can (or will) do anything about it:



[shrug] maybe CEO salaries will go down.


Outside of the Iraq War, what expenditures are the Democrats going to cut? Oh, I know, so called Corporate wellfare. Then people go either go out of business, employees get laid off or prices go up.


If there are real contract violations it is the State of L. that should take the first steps in enforcement. If they fail, then the Fed Government can step in. A real problem exists where the policy does not cover the cause of the damage sustained.


The one thing the American government owes to the people of New Orleans is making the insurance companies pay up for the policies they issued.


Doesn't it make more sense to redirect some of the hundreds of billions of dollars that we're currrently flushing away in Iraq to some worthwhile endeavors -- including rebuilding New Orleans and reducing the national debt (have you seen how much we're paying in interest on the national debt?)?

Why in god's name any conservative can support the Bush administration with a straight face is beyond me.


Watch your language. After all, this blog is ran by The Star, and obscene, uncivil statements such as "lower taxes" may cause all of your posts to be edited.


Why is it that whenever someone writes in to complain about how much we are spending somewhere, they suggest spending it somewhere else instead? Why not cut back on spending to reduce the deficit or lower taxes?


The letter writer seeems to have a misconception that money is not being spent on the Katrina cleanup. Estimates on the total government funds already spent and to be spent vary from $150 to $200 Billion Dollars. The proposed expenditures in Lebanon are less than one half of one percent of those for Katrina.
Links: http://www.chpp.org/9-17-05bud.btm
& http://www.taxpayers.net/budget/katrinaspending/index.htm
In addition to Government expendutures there have been large expenditures by private chatities.


Thanks. Appreciate the clarification.


Sorry about the E. Specifficaly, the 25 January 2006 Parlimentary Election that more or less put Hamas in charge. Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_in_the_Palestine_National_Authority


The one which elected their current leadership.


Which vote in Palestine?


You are a courageous soul who sometimes tries to correct Sophie. You might point out to her that the Lebanese people voted for leaders who were independent of Syria. Their votes were in accord wih our opinion of what was best for their Country. The fight was with Hezbollah, not Lebanon. We were not pleased with the vote in Palestine, but that is another Country.


Concur with Chris40 on this one. It's smart policy.


I would also concur that the US has no duty to help rebuild Lebanon. There is a strong argument, however, that helping a country is need is good policy. For one, it's moral to do so. For another, it's smart to buy good will right now in the middle east just about any way we can. We spend 770 million every day or two in Iraq, so spending that to help Lebanon rebuild sounds like a pretty good idea to me.


Blend in with the rest of the populace? Isn't that a classic insurgent tactic?

Seems to me that the British had exactly that problem in the late 1700s. They were caught in a war where it was impossible to tell the insurgents from the loyalists.

This created a no win situation for them. Military operations to put down the insurgents caused harm to loyalists. This angered the loyalists and worked as a recruiting tool for the insurgents. Despite being the most power nation on earth at the time, they ended up losing the war.

Sound familiar? You would think that some one would have figured out this dilema in the last 200 and some odd years. There are many books written by military experts about how to defeat an insurgency without alienating the populace. It's really too bad that these books have all been ignored.

BTW: Israel has it's own armaments industry. In addition, they buy large amounts of weapons from both France and the U.K. It seems to me that, at least for some, every evil on the face of the earth is caused by the United States. I view this as, at best, incredibly naive.


I agree with the letter writer that the US does not have any obligation to rebuild Lebanon. The US sells armaments to Israel for defense purposes. Iran sells or gives rockets, guns and explosives for offensive use, e.g. to enable Hezbollah to carry out terrorist attacks on Israel from within Lebanon. Hezbollah's rockets were fired without justification into civilian areas of Israel. Hezbollah rockets and soldiers were intentionally stationed in civilian areas of Lebanon, so that an armed attempt by Israel to defend itself and protect its citizens had to involve Lebanese civilians (who, far from being innocents, did permit Hezbollah to operate in their midst.) Civilian casualties in Lebanon were the fault of Hezbollah, not Israel. I am only disappointed that Israel unwisely chose to stop before it had totally cleaned out that rats' nest.

T. Hanson

and No one from Isreal got hurt. and No one from Isreal lost thier home. There are both sides to a war Sophie, and the US is not always the enemy.
The US might have sold the weapons to Isreal but I might be wrong but I think most weapons in this world are either from the US or from the defunct USSR. I would not be surprised that the RPGs that were being fired at Isreal were not somehow related to the US either by copycat design or even flat out sold on the blackmarket. My point is, are you going to hold the people who made the weapon responsible or the individuals that shoot the weapons?
I know that some of the componants in the IEDs that kill/mame our soilders are made from certian American products (cell phone componants, garage door remotes, 25 yr old 155 Rounds, etc...) so should we put GE on trial for treason or hold those that made the bomb accountable?
Not every bad thing in this world is America's fault. We just have a bad way of trying to help sometimes.

Sophie Demartine

For your information Mr. Thompson, those were American made cluster bombs dropped on the Lebanese children. Those were American made fighter jets that dropped those bombs. This destruction of Lebanon was paid for by the American taxpayer. 770 million is a drop in the bucket for what we should be giving the Lebanese people for that horrible immoral Israeli-American message of violence for their crime of supporting a country for voting a way we disagreed with.

We owe the Lebanese people a huge apology for destroying their homes and killing their children and much more than a paltry 770 million, the destruction we wrecked upon them already exceeds 100s of billions.

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