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January 25, 2007

Sports team names

David Whitlock’s As I See It article (1/21, “ Schools, teams should drop use of offensive names”) convinced me that the use of Native American mascots is so evil that I am going to take personal responsibility for this inhumane practice and leave the continent to atone for past sins.

Maybe I’ll return to my grandmother’s native Ireland (Fighting Irish). Or since she was Catholic (Padres, Angels), maybe I’ll go to Italy. My wife is part-Norwegian (Vikings), so maybe we’ll move there.

On second thought, having served this country’s Marine Corps (Patriots), I think maybe I’ll just stay put.

However, I am glad that brave and righteous people are concerned about this awful problem. I hope we get rid of all these offensive names and spare my children the harmful influence of these negative stereotypes.

Scott Bielicki
Overland Park



"Redskins" should probably go. The rest are fairly innocuous.

I would rather see those gotten rid of who make a profession out of being "offended".

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