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January 03, 2007

To help the homeless

Recently I visited the Country Club Plaza. As I was walking around, I saw homeless people asking for money, and my mom gave me an idea. Why doesn’t our city look into a voucher system that would be available for the homeless?

These vouchers would be good for food, clothing, medical supplies and everyday necessities. They would not be good for alcohol and cigarettes. This could be one way to help our city’s homeless.

Danny Brown



"These vouchers would be good for food, clothing, medical supplies and everyday necessities."

Wow! Sounds almost as good as real money. Which most of these homeless could earn if they put forth the effort


Darn - Scooter's on to me.


Some of those "homeless" in the Plaza are not homless at all but are instead scam artists. NEVER give any of them money. At least two of them own homes and make very good salaries pretending to be homeless. One of them owns a home in Johnson County.


This reminds me of the time I was walking down Grand Blvd. in downtown KCMO. I passed a lady in a wheelchair who surprised me by asking if I wanted to buy any food stamps. My guess is she wanted the cash to buy liquor or tobacco, or street drugs.

When booze or drugs are more important to people than food, they'll find a way to convert any kindness into cash.

Don't give anything to panhandlers. Food, clothing and shelter is already available to them free, often at the taxpayers' expense.

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