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January 31, 2007

Shooting wild pig

Kansas has a wild pig problem, so I read (1/26, Local, Across Kansas). The new idea on how to eliminate feral swine in the Clinton Lake area is to use gunmen in a helicopter. What a bad idea!

Other animals, perhaps humans, could be accidentally sniped. It seems like a misuse of helicopters.

I think there should be a legal hunting season for these hogs, just as there are designated hunting regulations for deer, pheasants and other wildlife.

This would make the state or county a bit of income from hunting permits and would give the prolific hunters another activity.

Kenna G. Sorden
Kansas City



Finally, an animal that's apealing to the palate might be offered to me by my hunting buddies. You can keep your venison, thank you.

Jason E. Peck

Great idea!

In Missouri, feral hogs are always legal to shoot (no closed season, no limit). They have a hotline to call the Dept of Conservation to report sightings or killings, and they try their best to let hunters know where they are.

I'd be first in line to hunt these hogs in Kansas... just let me know where to sign up and where to go. I love bacon.


Hunting is inhumane. Lets use poison instead!

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