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February 07, 2007

Feral hogs problem

The quantity of feral hogs around Clinton Reservoir is much greater than the governing authorities are admitting (2/1, Letters).

While deer hunting this year, we observed three large groups on different areas of the lake. The animals varied in size from yearlings to very large. There were both typical barnyard-type hogs and hairy, wild-looking boars. The largest group had an estimated 75 to 100 animals in it.

These animals are not native to Kansas, and they cause massive destruction to the areas they frequent, not to mention to the abundant natural wildlife of the area.

The biggest fear is from the diseases they are known to carry and the chance of diseases getting into our livestock and spreading.

I have sent numerous e-mails to both the state Department of Wildlife and Parks and the Kansas Livestock Association about letting hunters take some of these animals. But I feel my comments are falling on deaf ears.

Using sharpshooters and helicopters is a huge waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

I wonder what the governing agencies would say if they knew we also saw a group of 15 or so 10 miles south of where they think the animals roam.

Tim Allen
Overland Park



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