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February 19, 2007

Protecting our credit

In today’s modern times, a person’s credit history and rating is extremely important. People spend their entire lives doing the right things, building strong credit, so they can get lower-interest loans, purchase homes, finance their children’s education and so on. Try living without credit.

Your personal information is gold. Yet it’s the most vulnerable possession you own. I find it incredible and frustrating that I can do little to prevent someone from obtaining my personal information and ruining me financially.

Victims realize the systems are difficult to navigate once their credit has been used. It can take years to clean up the mess. This vital personal information is stored in thousands of electronic files and is being lost and stolen at an alarming rate.

Experts do have recommendations on how to minimize your exposure, but in reality, we have little control. We must develop a better system.

Phil Swayne
Kansas City



Maybe the rag heads have the right idea on getting resolve.


Credit reporting agencies are not held accountable. Credit scores are bogus and seldom accurate.
Remember, the CRA is asking THEIR customer if a debt or data is correct. Well fo course it is! They have PAYING customers.
I have numerous erroneous and bogus debts, inquiries showing up on my credit report. I also have documentation proving that it is incorrect or erroneous. Yet no resolve.
Sure, hire an attorney, like I can afford that.



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