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February 25, 2007

Well-known panhandler

Regarding Hearne Christopher’s column about Jerry Mazer (2/21, FYI, “Panhandler gives his two cents”): Why would anyone give that man one dime, let alone an entire article in the newspaper. Who cares?

Why not report a story on one of the many local military personnel on duty serving our country? They are the people who matter, not some guy complaining because Sarah McLachlan was rude to him.

Fran White
Overland Park


Nancy keyes

Back in April, me and my cousin Donald Winslow rented a house in Northeast from a guy named
Anthony Cook. Everything seemed legit. We signed a lease, did everything by the books. When we tried to get the utilities turned on, however there were problems. To begin with, there was no water meter. The wiring was also bad, and we couldn't get the utilities turned on at all. Don in a Viet Nam vet. To make things worse the VA Hospital put my husband Bruce into a psyche rehab center in Platte city, who took his whole check and left me with 75 cents to my name! I couldn't even get a dollar bottle of asprin for my toothache! Now if things weren't bad enough, they were about to get worse! On September 30, 2009, the house was condemmed! Now,living without utilities had its challenges, but now the only place we had to go was gone! Conveniently, the lease was in the house!

I had given up a job to take care of my husband in 2002! I supplimened his income by playing my sax on the plaza! It wasn't easy I Have put up with a lot of rude comments from people! I have also been accused of "probably being a drug addict". Yeah, ibuprofen is SO addictive! That's the ONLY drug I use, and that is only if the pain is really getting to me. I have several broken teeth, and desparetly need to go to a dentist! Don and I also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder,his from Viet Nam, mine from a sexual assault that happened when I was a child. Also, back in 1993, I was almost raped in a shelter. I have panic atacks on a regular basis.

Right now,Don and I are living day by day in a motel! People tell me to get a job! I wish it was that simple. I DON'T have 2 weeks to wait for a paycheck, and I am certainly NOT EVER going to another shelter!!! I have gone to the "Starvation Army" and other so called help agencies. I've gotten little is any help! Why am I treated like an outcast? Please, sombody, HELP ME!

Nancy Keyes

It's unfortunant that people like you have that kind of attitude. Are you a Christian. Jesus was a beggar! How of you acctually talked to Jerry. How many of you really got to know him. Sadly, Jerry is no longer woth us! I feel that I have lost a good friend

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