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March 25, 2007

Bond, U.S. attorneys

Isn’t it amazing that in light of the partisan firings that Alberto Gonzalez oversaw, our partisan Sen. Kit Bond from Missouri would vote against stripping the U.S. attorney general of his powers to appoint U.S. attorneys?

This was a little piece of chicanery that was slipped into the Patriot Act last year that allowed the Bush administration (or the “Honorable” Alberto Gonzalez) the ability to appoint U.S. attorneys without Senate approval.

Is there any senator from either party who reads what they are voting on before they vote?

In Bond’s case, he is one of only two senators who voted against their own self interest (and that of senatorial powers) in a 94-2 vote.

His explanation for that vote ought to be rich.

Maybe it is time for Bond to represent the people of Missouri and stand up to the Bush administration.

If there were no crimes committed by these “honorable” men and women of the White House, then by all means, they should come and testify under oath. If something illegal did occur, then the Senate and House have a responsibility to subpoena and question them. Anything less is partisan politics at its worst.

William J. Brazill
Kansas City



Bush wouldn't know a fact if it bit him on the kiester.


Any sentinent being who watched Sen. Joe Biden's performance in the Plame hearings would understand why no one would subject themselves to such an unbalanced and unfair situation in public. President Bush has offered Biden and Company an oppertunity to establish the facts, but it is not the facts with which they are concerned.

Sophie Demartine

Bravo Mr. Brazill , good letter, as for Kit Bond, he was one of only 9 senators who voted to continue making torture legal in this country, shaming the people of Missouri who voted for him ...another of those 9 senators (all Republicans) who voted to maintain torture was Roberts thus disgracing the good people of Kansas.

I will never forget those votes by our two senators along with many others that put the good people of Kansas and Missouri to shame.

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