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March 12, 2007

Brownback misguided

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback decries the situation in Darfur (3/5, Opinion). Of course, it is a tragedy, just like what occurred in Rwanda where 500,000 Africans were killed while the United Nations and United States stood by.

But wait a minute, senator. We are up to our eyeballs in trying to solve the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan. American soldiers are being slaughtered and billions of dollars spent in a losing war. So why should you want to dump this problem on us?

The U.N., to which we contribute mega-millions every year, was supposed to be a peacekeeping entity. So why aren’t they solving this problem?

You say the American people have said, “Genocide will not be tolerated.” Since when do you care about what the American people say? We want our borders secured and no amnesty for lawbreakers, but you would leave the borders wide open and reward illegals.

Bob Dole said that when NAFTA was coming up for a vote, his phones were ringing off the hook for him to vote against it. So what did he do? He voted for it. Guess you are just following in his footsteps.

And to think, you want to become president.

R.J. Brown



Engineer: Sometimes "accomplishing" nothing is the best possible course. As I recall, Gerald Ford "accomplished" very little other than setting a record for vetos. He stopped the government dead in it's tracks from "saving" the economy. By the time he left office, the economy was rebounding all on it's own. Something Carter rapidly solved.

I repeat, sometimes accomplishing "nothing" is the best thing that can be done.


Considering who was elected Governor, I must agree with your assessment of Kansas voters at least at times. If you do nothing you don't get into trouble.


Considering the last few years of voter wisdom in KS, it wouldn't surprise me if Sammy boy gets to stay in the Senate.

In Kansas, any mn who believes in Armaggeddon and doesn't believe in evolution, always has a political leg up against us devil worshippers.


Moan on. IMO, Sam will not get very far with his Presidential bid, but he's going to be a Senator for as long as he pleases.

Sophie Demartine

I wish a few more companies like Halliburton would leave the country, anything connected with war or oil and allow honest, hard working, innovative, peace loving Americans take over.

Dennis Kucinich 2008 he may not be Kennedy handsome but he sure has strength of character and would make an excellent President. Far better than anything we've had since Lincoln or FDR in my opinion.

Though Brownback is a hypocrit I applaud him on Darfur, to the writer , we're not solving problems in Iraq and Afghanistan we're creating them the sooner we stop the better things will get. Another reason for Kucinich in 2008.


I'm not sure what Mr. Brown's rant is about. I'm no fan of Sam Brownback, but trying to affect some good in Darfur is certainly a more worthy objective than refereeing a civil war in Iraq. As for the comments about disregarding voters - That is a double edged sword because "the people" can sometimes be mis-guided. How else can one explain Mr. Brownback's presence in the Senate?


Brownback misguided about something? Well, DUH! The quicker this cretin gets relagated to the trash bin of historical never wases, the better off we all shall be.

Let's retire him. He can tae the job with Haliburton I'm sure he has already been offered and move out of the country with the rest of the criminals.

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