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March 01, 2007

Corporal punishment

I read about Kansas Sen. Phil Journey’s proposed bill to provide legal immunity for school officials who adopt spanking as a disciplinary option. I was just telling my friend that corporal punishment is still alive and well in the South when I spotted the article. My friends don’t believe this happens to kids any more.
Please tell us what schools, in Kansas and Missouri, still practice corporal punishment as a form of discipline. I would like to know what standard Journey will propose as a guideline to allow our administrators to hit our children.
Are these schools actively participating in a “no-tolerance” policy that prohibits children from hitting anyone else? Only a bully resorts to physical violence to maintain his or her position of authority and power.
Perhaps this bill should require educators who currently resort to corporal punishment to learn how to incorporate nonviolent discipline or find another job. Better yet — let’s require some creative discipline classes for our teachers.
Society will reap the long-term benefits of our nation’s most valuable young resource being treated with physical respect and a nonviolent guidance policy. No tolerance should apply to everyone at school.
Neke Kullman



Once again Johnson County rises to the bottom - doncha just love it !

What happened to people being held accountable for their actions ?


I think the issue here, Jack, is school officials using corporal punishment, not parents.


My parents spanked, as did I.

My mother has told me that when their first child was born, her and my father MADE AN AGREEMENT that they would not ever offer compliments so that their children "wouldn't get conceited or self-centered".

Geuss which thing hurt the worst.


I never said no punishing, I just said no beating. I was never hit growing up, and yet my parents dished out plenty of punishement. There were times when I wished that they would have just hit me and got it over with.


A couple six year olds get in a school yard scrap and Olathe Schools policy demands calling the police and having them arrested. Both of them. If a kid goes to the teacher about a bully he is a wimp and an even bigger target. If he defends himself he gets arrested. So, what does each learn?

The bully learns that he can do his (her?) thing with impunity. That the powers that be will effectively protect him (her?).

The victim learns to be a bigger victim. That nothing he (she) does to protect himself (herself) is allowable. The victim can't win. So they learn it is better to just take it. Boy, I'll bet THAT improves their self-esteem!

As far as corporal punishment is concerned, I had an understanding with the schools my kids attended. If there was a major disipline problem they called me. If my kid was out of line, the last person in the world he wanted to see coming down the hall was me.

At the same time, if any school official had ever struck my kid, I would have ended up in jail. And I made sure the schools understood that also.

Seemed to work with my kids.



No punishing. We need to have them dialog with peer mentors to fascilitate their positive social growth.

I KNOW that all the fights I saw growing up were because the kids hadn't been taught to appreciate their differences and if they had just sat down and tried to understand where the other person was coming from, all conflict would have ended.


I think we should really "punish" them when they get into fights.

I have always thought that the best way to teach people that violence is wrong is to beat them.


You know...any kind of punishment is going to far. It could hurt their self-esteem or discourage thinking outside the box. Clearly all "bad" behavior is a cry for help. Wait, what is bad anyways. Why does society get to define what is acceptable. All behavior should be embraced and encouraged. You want to cheat on a test? This is just you understanding your limitations and working around them. You want to talk during the class? Networking! Show up late...you just don't feel compelled to work with arbitrary "time" standards set up by the system.


T. Hanson

Dang Kansas rises up to the joke level again. Now only if they could make sure to beat the kid with a Bible if he questions creationism.

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