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March 25, 2007

Daniels for Olathe board

I would like to urge voters to consider voting for Debby Daniels for the Olathe school board.

As a member of the board from 1999-2005, Debby proved to be a conscientious, tireless worker with an excellent grasp of the needs of the Olathe district in terms of budget, curriculum and personnel.

With a doctorate in speech/language pathology and as former employee of the district, Debby is knowledgeable about the needs of all children and has particular expertise in special education issues.

I had the privilege of working with Debby in the Olathe district in the past and know her to be a dedicated professional and a fine person, one who will help Olathe maintain its reputation as a premier school district.

Jan Tedrow



Your letter does nothing to inform most Olateans what they really want to know. What church does she attend? Will she fight to get science standards changed so that only what appears in the Bible can be taught?

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