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March 02, 2007

For quick security screening

Many people are not comfortable with airport security personnel seeing them naked (2/24, A-1, “Airport peeper — oh, so revealing; The X-ray scanner peers through passengers’ clothing. And some say that’s too invasive”). Some don’t mind so much.
For those comfortable with the idea: Show up at the airport wearing only an extra-long T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. (Or, depending on local ordinances, not.) When you reach the terminal, stuff the T-shirt and sandals into your carry-on bag.
The TSA could establish a fast lane for travelers who now don’t need to be X-rayed or patted down, and who already have their shoes off.
This should accelerate security checks considerably, and be a great convenience to those travelers who voluntarily choose to avail themselves of these expedited procedures.
Julie B. Dailey
Overland Park



I was trying to get over "Ahminamoodfajihad". That one is funny!

This could go along with my plan to wipe out all ugly people. Just eliminate the ugly ones as they pass through!


With privatized bleachers next to the new, alternate TSA screening area, the contractor could charge admission to the 'show'. Creeps would line up for the chance to sit there all day and ... watch.

We could get rich!!


Where are you? I was sure you would have a contibution on this.

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