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March 08, 2007

Good work by police

Congratulations to the Independence and Olathe police departments, both of which recently resolved standoff situations with no one being seriously hurt or killed.

Congratulations also to the Raymore Police Department, which recently concluded a murder investigation with the arrests of two suspects.

All of these situations are representative of police officers performing extremely difficult jobs under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

Wow, words of praise for local police officers. That’s something you won’t hear from any of the local media outlets.

I guess that’s just not “Live,” “Late-Breaking” or “Investigative” enough for them.

M. Lowther


Sophie Demartine

The police officers must have been liberal Democrats, i.e., competent.


If no one dies, the ratings aren't as big. This isn't aboout politics. It is about cash. Blood sells. Peaceful outcomes don't.

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