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March 01, 2007

Keillor commentary

What a great article by Garrison Keillor in The Star (2/24, Opinion, “Let’s do lunch: But leave the political talk alone”).
If I were to choose a person to model good judgment and common sense, Keillor would be the first person I would think of.
What a riot! He makes me laugh. He gets me to sing along. Now he makes me want to go to lunch or go skating, and maybe I will.
I hope you print more of his commentaries. He is very talented.
Bob Dever
Kansas City




Yes, I would keep my children away from Bill Clinton since he is a liar. However, I had no problem taking them to see Bush in Topeka last November.


If liars are poor roll models, you'd better keep your children away from our President!


In past columns, Garrison Keillor lied about Bush being the only president to wear military-style jackets. He also lied about Rudy Giuliani fleeing from the WTC site on 9/11. Liars make poor role models.


Anyone who listens to "The Prairie Home Companion" can't be all bad. Two hours of gentle, enjoyable, brain gum on Saturday orr Sunday morning (each week's show is played twice).

And some say NPR serves no purpose!

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