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March 12, 2007

Libby verdict

Lessons from Libby verdict

President Bush’s approval rating is 33 percent, six out of 10 Americans disapprove of the war in Iraq, and Lewis Libby, Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff, was convicted in the CIA leak case.

The Libby verdict casts a dark shadow on an already beleaguered White House and further questions the Bush administration’s use of flawed intelligence to make its case for invading Iraq.

Although Libby obstructed justice and lied under oath, the trial revealed that Libby was the “fall guy” for Cheney, who asked Bush to declassify an intelligence report so that Libby could leak it to the press. If Cheney had one shred of decency, he would resign.

Evidence in the Libby trial disclosed the Bush administration’s continued policy of corruption, secrecy and deception. This is another black eye for the White House, which has lost credibility at home and around the world.

Jane Toliver

Regarding “Crimes catch up with Libby” (3/7 editorial) and your comment, “The country is left to wonder how President Bush and Vice President Cheney could have entrusted a man like Libby with so much authority”: I believe the country’s wonder is how they were conned into electing Bush and Cheney. Libby lied to protect Cheney; that was his job.

Bush and Cheney cannot be believed or trusted.

Ralph T. Whiteside

Democrats show hypocrisy

The hypocrisy from the Democrats never ceases to amaze me.

All the talk on the Hill is about the possible pardon of Lewis “Scooter” Libby and how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is demanding that President Bush pledge not to pardon Libby.

When Harry Reid is the president of the United States, he can then decide who does and does not get a pardon.

When William “Slick Willy” Clinton left office, he pardoned over 100 people. This list included people that were convicted of tax evasion, cocaine trafficking, securities fraud, mail fraud, counterfeiting, firearms violation, armed robbery, racketeering and many other crimes. This list can be found at www.usdoj.gov/pardon/clintonpardon_grants.htm.

Reid needs to worry about the legislative branch that he is a part of and not the executive branch.

Kirk Stanford
Lee’s Summit


Sophie Demartine

Novak is a traitor, he should be in prison, he revealed the name of a covert CIA agent working to protect you and me from future terrorist attacks, risking her life to protect us, to protect the USA. Novak should be tried for treason, he is no journalist, he's a traitor.

The same goes for Rove, Cheney, Libby...and anyone else who leaked the name to Novak. These people hate America, hate Freedom, they are fascists they should all be tried for treason.



"Once again, your own link betrays you. Or do you not know what the word "acquitted" means?"

To whom is your post directed?


Impeachment means to bring charges. Charges were brought. Clinton was acquitted.


Once again, your own link betrays you. Or do you not know what the word "acquitted" means?



There was a grand jury involved.

In the impeachment, Article I was for perjury committed in Clinton's August 17, 1998 testimony to independent counsel Kenneth Starr's grand jury.

Article II concerned perjury committed during the Paula jones harassment case.



Dang, our boy just didn't get a chance. But you can bet he woulda if he hada got a chance. He hardly ever missed one. No one said he was ever beore a Grand Jury. What was said is that he lied under oath.


So far as I know, there was no testimony by anyone that Mr.Libby told them about Plame before they already knew about her. The entire controversy seemed to center on how Libby learned she was operating a desk at Langley for the CIA. Just what is the pertinence of this to the investigation in question? What is the relation of how he learned anything to the investigation of who (a fact already known to the prosecutor) first mentioned Plame's job to a reporter?


I'm waiting folks! Refute me! What Grand Jury did Clinto Lie too?



"Her identity was leaked as part of White House efforts to slime Joe Wilson and more importantly, to give anyone else critical of the cooked intelligence leading us into Iraq something to think about."

There is no evidence to support your assertion. Also, Joe Wilson argued in at least two columns before the invasion that Iraq had WMD.


So "oral sex" isn't sex? Okay.

Bill Clinton made me embarrassed to watch the news with my children in the room.



"Clinton was impeached by Newt's Republican House for denying in the Paula Jones trial that he'd had 'sex' with Monica. Whatever else stupid it was, he didn't have 'sex' with Monica. Paula Jones eventually 'lost' her harrassment lawsuit and Clinton was acquitted by the Senate."

So "oral sex" isn't sex? Okay.

Clinton actually settled with Jones to end the case. She didn't lose the lawsuit; she dropped it for $850,000. Clinton was also disbarred in Arkansas and the Supreme Court justices showed their displeasure by boycotting Clinton's 1999 SOTU address.

It's dishonest to spin a major defeat as a victory.


"Ann Coulter was one of her 'lawyers' for a while. What does that say?" You tell me, what does it say? No one who was pro Clinton was actually going to end up as one of her lawyers. Many lawyers, knowing the Clinton's MO,would have been afraid to take the case.

As to Joe Wilson, there is no question that he is a liar. He lied about who sent him on his "mission". He lied about haveing read documents that were not available at the time he claimed to have read them. What he said in his initial debreefing differed from what he said later. There is no question that he said these things knowing they were untrue. Perhaps Libby lied,perhaps he just didn't remember correctly. In any event I'll settle for him serving exactly the same amount of time that BC served for lying under oath. If that is hypocricy, make the most of it.

Mark Robertson

As Charles Krauthammer pointed out, (3-11, Star) Scooter Libby has just been convicted for four felonies that could give him 25 years in jail for... what? Misstating when he first heard a certain piece of information, namely the identy of Joe Wilson's wife. This is now even a bigger sham than the Tom Delay indictment because Delay hasn't been convicted.
It is actually Joe Wilson who has problems with the truth. Nearly 3 years ago a bipartisian Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that Wilson's claim that Saddem Hussein had not been seeking enriched uranium was not only untrue, it was the opposite of the truth. As the July 10th Washington Post reports, the panel found "that Wilson's report, rather than debunking intelligence about purported uranium sales to Iraq, as he has said, bolstered the case for most intelligence analysts." The British Intelligence Butler report comes to basically the same conclusions.
As Krauthammer says of the Libby case: "This is a case that never should have been brought, originating in the scandal that never was, in search of a crime-violation of the Intelligence Protection Act-that even the prosecutor never alleged."
This whole Libby case is about political destruction of the Bush administration that involves Wilson and other leading Democrats behind the scenes.(Schumer Kennedy etc.)
They have been playing these Stalinist games since Watergate. They evidently think that this is their only route to power since their ideas are such disasters.
Of course President Bush should pardon Libby. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


I just noticed something. The right wing press works really well, doesn't it?

"Scooter" gets convicted on perjury on multiple counts. It appears he was lying to protect extremely high ranking government officials.

This seems vaguely important tome. Yet, here we are, once again, discussing the Presidential "polishing" of Clinton and the definition of "is".

Seems the redirection of the spot light away from what the present administration is doing, and onto the sexual pecadillos of Clinton, has once again wrked.

To qauote another old song:

When will we ever learn?

When will we ever, ever learn?


A couple of questions. In my highschool civics class they told me that lying to a Grand Jury is illegal. Period, end of sentence. If this is true, it doesn't matter if the prosecutor "should be" investigating or not. Lying to a Grand Jury is a crime in and of itself. Am I wrong?

According to what I was taught in those godawful public schools, this is a yes or no question. If I am correct, "Scooter" should go to prison.

The second is more complicated. Please correct my memory if it is wrong. Clinton was never indicted by any Grand Jury for anything. Yes, I know that impeachment by the House is technically an "indictment". But for the moment let's let go of the House and look at the question, "Was Clinton ever indicted by a Grand Jury?" As I remember, the answer is "No."

Also as I remember here is why. Paula Jones' attorneys provided a written question as to if Clinton had "had sex with" Monica Lewinsky. Clinton's attorneys asked Jones attorneys to define "having sex". Jones attorneys provided a definition that only included genital to genital contact. Clinton answered the question as per the definition provided by Jones attorneys. As per that definition, B.J.s aren't "sex". As per that definition, the honest answer was "No."

If this was the case, Jones attorneys were guilty of poorly phrasing and defining their own question. Clinton was guilty of nothing.

In a similar circumstance, I would do the exact same thing. If the opposition's lawyer asks the question wrong, I am under no obligation to correct him/her. It is their fault for screwing up the question. NOT my fault for answerring that which was asked, exactly as it was asked.

This is as I remember reading about it. If you have something that would dispute my memory, at least something more substantial than the rants of Rush or Bill O, I would change my belief.

OK folks. Waddaya say?


Paula Jones' sexual harrassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton was dismissed. She appealed and Clinton paid her off during the appeals process to end the litigation.

Ann Coulter was one of her 'lawyers' for a while. What does that say?

So, now Scooter "should be pardoned because he was entrapped in a witch hunt" but Joe Wilson is a 'liar'?



Oral sex is sex and the Supreme Court, among others though he committed perjury. Paula Jones didn't lose her lawsuit, there was a settlement. Scotter Libby was convicted of lying during his Grand Jury testimony which occurred during an investigation of what the poesecutor knew was not a crime and also knew who first informed the press re Plame. Some one sits on a desk at Langley for six years, and this is news? As to sliming Joe Wilson, why would you bother, as that serial liar was doing such a good job of sliming himself?


Clinton was impeached by Newt's Republican House for denying in the Paula Jones trial that he'd had 'sex' with Monica. Whatever else stupid it was, he didn't have 'sex' with Monica. Paula Jones eventually 'lost' her harrassment lawsuit and Clinton was acquitted by the Senate.

Scooter was convicted of lying to the FBI during their investigation of who leaked Valerie Wilson's identity. Her identity was leaked as part of White House efforts to slime Joe Wilson and more importantly, to give anyone else critical of the cooked intelligence leading us into Iraq something to think about.



Gee, ten days to decide a case of against one of the Nation's top officials. Maybe they took their responsibility so seriously they reviewed all the evidence in regard to each count of the indictment.

I wonder what those on the right would be saying if they had decided Libby had lied in 1 hour? Bet they'd be screaming the jury was tainted and use the short time as "proof".

Apparently, whether a crime has been commited or if that crime deserves punishment depends ONLY on the political affiliation of the criminal.


IMO, Libby should be pardoned because he was entrapped in a "Witch Hunt" by a prosecutor who knew both that the event on which the investigation waw based was not a crime and the identity of the individual who first identified Plame. Also because the prosecutor played on the Jury's probable bias against the Bush Administrastion to prejudice them against Libby. Ten days to decide some one lied?

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