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March 09, 2007

Prayer would help

Lee Judge’s cartoon on how to prepare our nation for a nuclear attack (3/6) was important, even if he doesn’t know it. Apparently Judge is oblivious to the fact that if our nation had 300 million people praying it would be the best defense our nation could have. Let’s all do it!

John Younger
Kansas City



Yes, we should have faith in nukes and in the Bush administration's unparalleled honesty and openness -- not to mention competence.

Let us pray.


L. Judge is a sophomoric drone who can't operate a pencil sharpener correctly.

Outside the KCMO school district, the biggest laughing stock for the rest of the literate world are the editorial scratch marks of one L. Judge.


It doesn't bother me that I don't know numbers. In fact, it would bother me if I did. One of the first things you learn about combat is that you let the enemy know as little as possible about your strength and your plans. In this case, if you and I know it, so does the enemy. In my case, I say "whatever it takes". I'd like to see the size of the Army doubled and all equipment restored and/or brought up to first rate condition. If the money went for that, I wouldn't mind a tax increase. In truth, I do not believe that this is true of many on this blog if they thought they, personally, would have to pay a tax increase.


engineer: We don't even know what the President is proposing. Patreaus (spelling is probably wrong) has said publically that the number he requested is 7,000 more than the President told us in the State Of The Union Adress. The President now says he wants another 4,000. Is this on top of what Patreuos said or instead of? Does this count "non-combat personnel" (like cooks and engineers and such) as in prior wars or doesn't it? It appears to me that our President thinks such information is none of the people's business. I disagree.

I suggest that neither you or I know becuase the President hasn't told us. I think we have the right to know. Apparently President Bush disagrees. This bothers me. I think it should bother you.

I can read a map and history. If we just flat pull out IMO we are likely to end up with a major regional and possibly a world war. I don't know about you, but I ain't believer enough to look forward to something that might cause Armeggedon.

However, I do believe that Bush has placed us in a situation where such a scenario is a distinct possibility. In spite of my lack of faith, I pray daily that this moron hasn't put us in the position I am afraid he has.

Bush has apparently found a way (without admitting he is changeing policy)to talk to Syria and Iran. Let us all, regardless of our political bent, hope and pray he will find the humility and courage to ask them for help in avoiding the even larger and more devestating war he may have caused.

Despite my lack of belief in both religion and our current President, on the day we invaded Iraq I prayed we would rapidly find WMD and just as rapidly set up a successful government their. Both prayers failed to come true. I now pray the he (or someone else) will find a way out of this mess without causing an even bigger mess than little Goerge has gotten us (and the rest of the world) into.

My deepest fear is that those prayers are in vain.


I read that when informed that the Pope had condemend some of his actions Hitler said, "The Pope? How many Divisions does he have?"

Don't know if it is true. Regardless, it seems kind of appropriate. Doesn't it?


300 million Americans praying as an answer to terrorism? -- Is this one of those religious “my God can beat your God contests?" Isn’t praying what those guys were doing when they flew into the buildings on 911?
With the’06 election, dependence on prayer may now be an option but to survive, a stock of non-perishables and a deep hole remain a more attractive choice!


Let's see now. Exactly who was it that led the country into a war that our troops would be home from in six months or less? How many years is it since "mission accomplished"?

Maybe Joe Biden is right. He says when he asked the Prez what he did after giving the order to go to war the Prez said, "I went outside and quietly prayed for guidance." Biden's response? "Maybe he should have prayed for guidance BEFORE giving the order."

Let's face it. Bad plans and incompetance abound around this fiasco. THe only one who appears to have been right about anything is Chuck Hagel. That probably condemns him as a politician.

Stifled Freedom

Lets all stick our heads in the sand too.


When you have people like Murtha making decisions, you would be wise to pray--and take a personal defense course.

Mark K

If by anything else, you mean the current political nonsense being offered up as "strategy", I'd have to agree.


The power of prayer and faith-based national defense.

It makes as much sense as anything else.

Mark K

Hmmmm... Blind faith versus nuclear weapons
I don't see what could possibly go wrong in this scenario.

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