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March 17, 2007

Warning: Offensive content

I can hear all the fussing already about the Sarah Silverman skit portraying a one-night stand with God:

“This is the lowest! We must boycott Comedy Central and all its advertisers!”

I don’t consider myself a prude or religious fanatic. In fact I often laugh at “This Week in God” on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” I generally feel most topics are fair game. If you want to subscribe to cable and choose to watch those things, great. More power to you. Otherwise, change the channel or turn the TV off.

However, I wonder what sort of reaction the same program would have gotten had Silverman portrayed herself as an “infidel,” having a “relationship” with the Prophet Mohammed?

I am certain many groups would have already denounced all those associated with the program, demanding everyone apologize and go to counseling. Lawsuits of some nature would have already been filed, and perhaps a few riots taken place in protest.

Of course, such a script would never make it to the production department, let alone the airwaves, in this hyper-sensitive culture where everything remotely offensive to anyone is not allowed. Except, of course, to Christians.

James Helton



“But what many don't seem to realize is that we can idolize Jesus…” – CRD

An entertaining spin to say the least. If it’s a commandment to worship and serve God only, how do you figure in this word “idolize”? What many don’t seem to realize is that we either chose to serve God or we don’t. That is the defining message Christ brought to this earth.

Idolatry: the worship of a physical object as a god.

Only non-believers will do that towards the one true God.


Jesus would likely chuckle at the ridiculousness of folks getting their feathers ruffled over nothing -- then he would try to refocus us on living our lives in a state of awareness of our kinship with the poor and suffering in the world.

Zen Buddhism has a saying, "if you meet the Buddha in the road, kill him." In other words, don't get hung up on idolizing particular conceptions and dogmas. Religion is a practice, not a set of beliefs.

The Bible talks about the dangers of idolatry. But what many don't seem to realize is that we can idolize Jesus (or Mohammed, for that matter) just as we can Ba'al or Mammon, and in so doing utterly miss the message of hope and wonder and openness to being in this world that Christ brings.

As Kristofferson says:

Jesus was a Capricorn, he ate organic foods.
He believed in love and peace and never wore no shoes.
Long hair, beard and sandals and a funky bunch of friends.
Reckon they'd just nail him up if He come down again.

'Cos everybody's got to have somebody to look down on.
Who they can feel better than at anytime they please.
Someone doin' somethin' dirty, decent folks can frown on.
If you can't find nobody else, then help yourself to me.

Get back, John!

Egg Head's cousin Red Neck's cussin' hippies for their hair.
Others laugh at straights who laugh at freaks who laugh at squares.
Some folks hate the whites who hate the blacks who hate the clan.
Most of us hate anything that we don't understand.

'Cos everybody's got to have somebody to look down on.
Who they can feel better than at anytime they please.
Someone doin' somethin' dirty, decent folks can frown on.
If you can't find nobody else, then help yourself to me.

Help yourself, brother.
Help yourself, Gentlemen.
Help yourself Reverend.


Well, it was fun while it lasted. May even have learned about a Godess I didn't know of, but somehow I doubt it.


newdealer -

good riddance.


Engineer - Happy to hear about your ancestry, since I also am of pagan origins. I'm sure you know, then, that Easter is coming soon, which is the celebration of Eostre, the goddess of spring, whose sacred animal is the hare (or the Eostre bunny) and the rabbit produces colored eggs to give to children. Isn't religion fun? And, there's no "fight" just a little reminder that people shouldn't take themselves too seriously. I think that's about all I have to say on this thread.


Reread the post. It did not say you were attacking anyone. But as my genealogy programs assure me that I am descended from Woden in one German branch and Odin in a Danish one, must say a lot of your last post sounds right on. In any event, I'm just commenting. I don't really have a stake in this fight.


Engineer - There you go, proving my point again. You say you weren't offended but your comments sure look thin-skinned to me. Nothing I wrote was an "attack" on anyone. Maybe it's just that my god doesn't have an inferiority complex and isn't sensitive to criticism or comedy. Sorry about yours.

"... the sons of the gods saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; so they took for themselves such women as they chose." Genesis 6:2

"... when the sons of the gods had intercourse with the daughters of men and got children by them, the Nephilim were on earth." Genesis 6:4

Sure sounds like there was a little celestial hanky-panky going on back then. And then there's that whole thing with Mary, you may remember.


Explain how your point was proven. The fact that others feel free to attack Christians is just that, a fact. It is a fact that does not have a personal impact on me, but nevertheless, a fact. Your first post did not offend me, but I suppose it was intended to affend Christians. It was not in good taste but one can hardly expect that.


kcstar/Engineer - No ... thank you for proving my point!


Thanks newdealer-

for proving the point of the letter


Please explain how "the last line where you showed...... you are just as intolerant as the people you are criticizing." Ehat was intollerant about that last line? And for a fact, isn't what that last line says a true statement?


James - Good letter, until the last line where you showed it was all a sarcasm and you are just as intolerant as the people you are criticizing.

It's already been established in the bible that god had sex with one young jewish girl. Got her pregnant and didn't even call her the next day, much less marry her. Is it really that difficult to think that god could be a black man and have sex with Sarah Silverman.

Just because Islam may not have much of a sense of humor doesn't mean other religions can't. After all, if god didn't have a sense of humor, why did he make us look so funny.

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