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April 24, 2007

Alberto Gonzales

Apparently in keeping the attorney general, President Bush wants someone as inept as he is.

It has been said, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

R. Huff
Overland Park



Fox News reporting it would help. But better if it were NewsMax or Drudge. Those places seem to do a lot of the wingnut thinking for them.

But even then, if Alberto Gonzales held a press conference tomorrow in front of the Supreme Court building and drowned cocker spaniel puppies in a rain barrel, Engineer would say "No wrongdoing here. It's not illegal to kill puppies. When Bill Clinton was president, animal shelters did it all the time."


CRD - thanks for the link. It was more evidence of the impropriety of AG. Engineer said "...the hearing was not a fact finding attempt, it was a fishing expedition."

Maybe a fishing expedition is necessary to get to the truth. As more and more stories about the malfeasance of the Justice Department "leadership" come to light the "stinkier, the rotten fish smell" grows. And that rotten smell comes from the White House.

I can only wonder what Engineer needs before he realizes that AG and his cadre have been acting improperly. Does someone on FOXNews have to report these things?

I'm curious what Engineer considers "facts".


Irishguy - at the risk of being labeled a "conspiracy nut", I have to wonder if the "new and improved" Patriot Act, pushed through by the rubberstampers before they lost the majority wasn't part of this whole debacle.

The Bush gang slipped in the power to insert their cronies into the Justice Department without Congressional approval.

The first thing they did was insert a Rove protege into one of the "open" attorney slots. To me this doesn't pass the smell test.

The real mistake these knuckleheads made was to besmirch the reputations of excellent lawyers that didn't kiss their butts. Without that churlish arrogance, they wouldn't be in this fiasco. At every turn they display their immoral, unethical and corrupt behaviour.

I enjoy the fact that "christians" continue to defend and support them. I guess those character flaws are christian values.


More troubling developments in the Gonzales/Rove/Bush attorney firing scandal:



"One of President Bush's great strenghts is picking and putting highly qualified people around him."

"Heckuva job, Brownie."

I am savoring the delicious irony of right-wingers whining about phony scandals.


Navy, they remind me of that scene in the movie "Naked Gun" where the missile crashes into the fireworks warehouse, and Leslie Nielsen says, "Nothing to see here. Move along. Nothing to see."

Today, we had the Wall Street Journal (that liberal rag!) reporting that senior Justice Department officials delayed until after the election necessary approval for search warrants, subpoenas and wiretaps in the investigation of U.S. Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.)

Then in December, Paul Charlton, the U.S. Attorney in charge of that investigation, is fired.

"Move along. Nothing to see."


Engineer - Sorry I didn't read this sooner. You say, "Just what evidence of any wrong doing has been presented?"

Is it wrong to lie about an employee's performance? The original Justice Dept. press release said they were terminated for "poor performance" when all received above average to exemplary evaluations over their entire terms.

I'm curious what you think is right or wrong, Engineer. Are you just another Mark Robertson? Thankyou.


Engineer - You are of course entitled to your opinion, but my opinion is that you are dead wrong! This of course won't be the first time you've been wrong in your opinions, and it won't be the last.

I am beyond tired of listening to the "I don't recall" answer coming from Bushies who are placed under oath. Let's see. Libby, Rove, and Rice had convenient memory lapses when placed under oath. (I always wondered what Rice said when she wasn't under oath.) Now how is that possible when they had weeks and months to prepare for the hearings. Are they all really that mentally deficient?

Engineer, are you really that naive? Or are you just wasting my time responding to your naivete, when you actually don't believe they are telling the truth?

Here's a qualifying question for you Engineer. Why do these Bushites have no memory problems when they bloviate to the press, and conservative shills, and are not under oath to tell the truth? Only incredibly naive people believe that selective memory is not lying.

Here's another one. AG changed his story several times. Was he telling the truth every time?

Hook them up to lie detectors. I love to watch worms squirm.


Not only do "birds of a feather flock together" but sooner or later the "chickens come home to roost".

Ineptitude. Incompetence. Lies. Deceit.

And chickens.

All, roosting together. And laying eggs.

You're welcome.


Heckuva job there, Gonzo!!!

Paul O'Neill has been one of the few bright spots in the Bush administration. Especially in light of the Bush stooges/parrots that followed him in the job, John Snow and Hank Paulson.

Anyone who thinks that Chuck Hagel isn't necessarily a typical wingnut Republican (yes, he sounds pretty good all by himself but look a little further) needs to take a good, close look at who he supports with his PAC. Go to sandhillspac.com and look at the candidates he supported in the last election. Rick Santorum? George Allen?

Nancy Pelosi for President ... in 2007.


I Can' disagree with your sentiments, but I'm not all tht sure of your interpretations. I listened to a little of the hearing and I did not get the impression he was lying. Under today's climate, if I were testifying, I would say nothing that I did not recall in complete and exact detail. Content, date, time and circumstances. In my extimation the hearing was not a fact finding attempt, it was a fishing expedition.


Engineer - I know this will shock you, but I have no affinity for HRC. I don't like liars regardless of the party, and regardless of whether they are under oath. Lies are pernicious poisons that destroy the character of a society.

Our society is being undermined by people in positions of trust and faith who find it easy to lie as long as they rationalize the lie. This bull about misspeaking and misinforming, and mistaking, and conveniently forgetting is ludicrous.

You know as well as I that if these people are speaking falsehoods, THEY ARE LYING! If you want to ignore it you are abetting their dishonest and despicable behavior. If you say, well maybe they honestly forgot, misspoke you are lying to yourself.

I have had it. I have lost all respect for people like Mark Robertson who try to justify lies by saying well other people do it. It's obvious that MR and people like him, who defend one group of liars because another group lies, are fools and completely without morals and honor.

I despise liars regardless of party, or faith.


"Watergate was really a small matter that through arrogance was turned into a constitutional crisis."

Jack, let's not minimize the seriousness of Watergate. The White House ordered the burglary and phone-tapping at the opposition party headquarters. That's stuff a third-world banana republic dictator does.

Nixon's reaction to that, according to the "smoking gun" tape, was to tell his staff to get the CIA to pull the FBI off the investigation for "national security" purposes.

We had slush funds, dirty tricks, hush money, and all sorts of crimes involved in Watergate that a lot of people served a lot of time over.

Stifled Freedom

"One of President Bush's great strenghts is picking and putting highly qualified people around him. "

Like Harriot Meyers and Donald Rumsfeld. If this is his best, dont show me the worst.


Do you have a reference that says a failure to recall equals incompetence? They were trying to usher out some underperformers on gun and immigration matterers as gently as possible. Just what evidence of any wrong doing has been presented?


So you, too, oppose HRC?


"One of President Bush's great strenghts is picking and putting highly qualified people around him. " - Mark Robertson

Mr. Robertson is under the flawed inclination to believe that Dumbya Bush has even one great strength. The ever decreasing percentage of supporters would differ greatly with your point of view Mark. But it would seem that your head is still buried somewhere so far deep that I'm sure you smell the evil nature of Bush's every breath.


From your comments I assume that you are utterly opposed to HRC. When testifing in Congress about the unexplained appearance of the Rose Law Firm billing records she didn'r seem to be able to remember anything.


We don't know for sure that all of his failures to recall are lies. He could simply be resoundlingly incompetent, which is also a good reason for the Senate to be providing oversight.

But that's pretty much what it boils down to -- he's either a perjurer or an incompetent. This isn't a political witch hunt. This is much-needed and long-overdue oversight.


Alright, another useless comment from Mark Robertson. How can anyone (including MR) find that an employer, government notwithstanding, lying about the reason for an employee's termination "the biggest nothing story"? Being fired for "poor performance" IS a big deal.

If we off-handedly discount MR's comments declaring they are completely without merit, would that be appropriate. No. We should do that only after we read the comment.

MR doesn't realize it, but even Gonzalez knows that it is in fact a BIG STORY when people's performance is lied about. More's the pity.

Had Gonzalez simply told the truth initially, it's unlikely there would be an investigation. MR probaly ignored the fact that AG changed his story at least 3 times. Which one is true?

I laughed when AG answered that he remembered signing the termination document but didn't remember when he did it.

MR's pitiful attempts to calumnify the Democrats is the ultimate stupidity. He obviously doesn't care about the lack of oversight of the Republican controlled Congress. He doesn't seem to care that Bush's hand picked lame brains lose their memories at the moment they take an oath to tell the truth.

There is no doubt that Mark Robertson is just as integrity challenged as his Republican heroes. His comments show that he is equally intelligent and truthful as they are. Rant on, Mark. Thankyou.

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