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April 03, 2007

Assaults on justice

Peter Makori’s excellent and timely column (3/28) headed “Assault on the judiciary troubles eastern Africa” paints a grim picture for the survival of justice in the region because of political interference in the dispensation of justice in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Political interferences in those east African countries may have differed from each other, and may differ from our administration’s firing of eight U.S. attorneys, but all political interference, anywhere, by any means, leads to the same conclusion: Justice is in peril.

The Republicans argue that although explanations of the firings may have been clumsy, those attorneys served at the pleasure of the president, and the firings were nothing more than business as usual. Maybe. But because a large majority of Americans are troubled by the firings, let the facts speak for themselves.

Bring on the subpoenas. Let’s find out if the president’s “pleasure” extends to the prerogative of obstructing justice.

Harold Oppenheim
Kansas City


M. L. Stein

I wish someone would explain to me the Bush logic that no transcripts should be allowed when White House sycophants present "facts" to Congress.

If facts and truth are truly presented by these people, why doesn't it make sense to keep a written, audible and visual record of the truth. Logically, without a transcript or official record, lies and false testimony could be presented, and the White House can claim to have presented the truth.

And isn't that the real reason that Bush doesn't want a record? I'm sure a true record will prove the utter stupidity, incompetence and pettiness of this failed presidency. But the sheer weight of stupidity and incompetence of the Bush gang is beginning to become impossible to comprehend in total.

Right now it's difficult for me to list all of this bozo's "mistakes" and "less than truthful" presentations.

For those who think Bush neveer lies, think about the "surge". Remember when he said it would be 20,000. It's already over 35,000, and I'm betting it will continue to grow quietly.

So was the 20,000 a lie? It depends on who you ask. My definition of a lie, is a falsehood. So, he lied!

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