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April 29, 2007

Gonzales, U.S. attorneys

I would like to add my name to the growing list of leaders and citizens demanding the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

At the very least he has been less than forthright concerning the firings of the eight U.S. attorneys. And even in the absence of legal wrongdoing, his prevarications in public and private greatly compromise what should be an impartial and honest office.

His job is to prosecute citizens of the United States. He need not be perfect to do so, but he does need to be forthright to the American public.

Mike Bannen
Prairie Village



Engineer - "It seems that you, like the rest of the "left" can't present logical arguments but must fall back on insults. "

Actually, the problem that exists with the Pubs is that they have no accountability to anyone to allow for your "logical arguments". George, Dick, Condi and the rest of the bunch have denied any culpability with any of their actions.

You can't ride a dead horse, you can't reason with an unrelenting sociopath. It's only an insult to the person who can't accept the truth.


Did I say "partisan hack"? I meant dishonest partisan hack.


> To me, what BC did, and confessed to seemed very serious. And Whitewater was a realestate fraud, people went to jail for it, and the Clintons were involved in at least some parts of it.

Engineer, you believe everything you want to believe, don't you? What Clinton confessed to was an "inappropriate relationship" with Monica Lewinsky.

As far as Whitewater, this will come as news for you, but the Clintons were VICTIMS of the Whitewater deal. They lost $40,000 on it.

The only conviction even indirectly related to Whitewater itself was that of James McDougal, and that was for the way he was running the Madison S&L. Others were prosecuted during the course of the investigation, such as Web Hubbel, but that had NOTHING to do with Whitewater. He was bilking his law partners at Rose. Among his partners was Hillary Clinton.

Now you might consider extra-marital blowjobs between two consenting adults to be a very serious matter. Well, OK. I also consider my marriage vows to be sacred, and was very disappointed in Clinton's behavior.

But I knew he was a hound dog when I voted for him.

And exactly how does that rise to the level of ordering U.S. Attorneys to gin up phony charges against duly elected members of the opposition party and firing them when they refused?


By the way, the last time I checked, the Starr report was not produced by Congressional action so its production did not involve Congress one way or the other.


As I point out below, Whitewater was a criminal real estate fraud, and Clinton associates went to jail for it. Gee, first Sophie tell me I am a fascist and then you tell me i am a hack. Well, in both cases, I guess it takes one to know one.


You are of course correct about the numbers. To me, what BC did, and confessed to seemed very serious. And Whitewater was a realestate fraud, people went to jail for it, and the Clintons were involved in at least some parts of it. So there were criminal acts there to be looked into. But I really don't remember the Senate draging the matter out for a long period of time.


loco: Apparently no one other than myseklf sees the humor in what you have been posting. Their chains are large and long. Pull away my friend, pull way!


How about the Republicans in the House, Lloyd? In both the House and the Senate, the votes to impeach and convict respectively were pretty much party-line.

You do realize it takes a 2/3rds vote in the Senate to convict, don't you? The flimsy articles of impeachment that Hyde et al. rammed through the House never had the proverbial snowball's chance.

Yet the tied up the Senate for weeks in a futile gesture that was designed to do nothing more than embarrass Bill Clinton.

The "Demos" in the House and Senate don't have to work very hard to embarrass Bush. Every day brings a new, self-inflicted humiliation.


"But what the Republicans may or may not have been doing then has nothing at all to do with what the Demos are doing, or not doing, now."

That is true. We're seeing a return to accountability, in direct contrast to that trivial and costly witch hunt that culminated in the Starr Report.

You're no conservative, Lloyd. Merely a partisan hack.


What you say is somewhat vile. If the Republicans in the Senate had been motovated by a desire to get BC they would have voted BC out. But what the Republicans may or may not have been doing then has nothing at all to do with what the Demos are doing, or not doing, now. And, of course, they are not doing much now other than their witch hunts and their prusuit of defeat in Iraq.
Frankly, when people are really interested in trying to find some way to claim that you have made conflicting statements, only a fool would give them any chances that were not necessary. In the Plame investigation, no findig was made that the law in question was violated and the leaker was preknown. In the case of Gongazales, no crime has been charged and no evidence of one has been presented. It seems that you, like the rest of the "left" can't present logical arguements but must fall back on insults. Well, if that's the best you can do, so be it.


Talk about your incisive reasoning and overpowering factual presentation. But you might want to refresh your group of remarks. Even kids on the schoolground come up with something different every now and then.


Hey Loco...you don't have to even mention race to prove he's a fool, an idiot and an embarrasment to the attorney general's office. This is the moron who stated in testimony before congress that, 'Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Wilson and all presidents that followed them, used electronic surveillance' to track evil doers. Imagine that!! Until that defining moment, no one ever knew that electronic technology was available during Wahsinton and Lincoln's term in office. It's a fact---look it up


Think of how much better it would smell if you pulled your head out of your backside, Lloyd.

Jeez, the contortions the Bush-apologists engage in put Cirque du Soleil to shame!


"Think of the harm they might do if they paid equal attention to legislating." - Engineer

WOW!!!!! Let's go back a few years, not too many for you aged folks who can't think that far back, and remember when the Pubs spent millions and took up months of time to catch Billy boy in his BJ lie. Imagine if they had done the work they were elected to do instead of rubbing their perverted crotches for the sake of hearing the details of Billy's adventures.

Cut the crap Engineer. Believing in this administration's actions, you have no more sense of moral ethics then born-again Georgie himself. Yeah, yeah, yeah....Billy "lied" under oath. At least he had the decency to take an oath. George and his minions have been working the laws to prevent having to testify under any oath or on record to keep it from incriminating themselves. If that's the measure of a man that you want to be ASSociated with then you deserve to be on the receiving end of what this devil incarnate can offer you.


No, no, no, no.

The leftists of this nation taught us all very well that one cannot criticize people of color - no matter where; no matter what.

~One cannot have it both ways. Albero Gonzalas is a proud, hard working Mexican American. To criticize him makes the critic a hate filled bigot or racist. Leftist doctine says so.

Speak truth to power, commrade. Right arm.



There was nothing in the letter that was hateful, and Gonzalez' race was never mentioned. Nice touch playing the race card though, you should change your name to sharptonbreath1901.


This hue and cry after Gonzalas is nothing but a political dust up, just as was Fitzgerald's "investigation" when he knew from the outset who the leaker was and never charged that any laws had been broken.
But perhaps we are all better off because the Demos are spending so much of their energy and time in trying to embarrass the Bush Administration. Think of the harm they might do if they paid equal attention to legislating.


Congratulations Sopheeple, you've hit a new low.


"This nation is truely in the toilet" considering what the dictatorial Bush/Cheney regime has done to it. Gonzlaez redefined torture for his masters.

Only fools believe there is "a witch hunt to deprive him of employment". There is an investigation of malfeasance. Of course the unpatriotic "Bush patriots" don't care about immoral activities of their tin gods. The commies called it a "cult of personality".

No one wants "to smear his good name". Gonzo has already smeared his own name by lying, oops sorry, misspoking to the American people.

Sophie Demartine

Gonzales has no integrity, he's like a dog, loyal to the end. Bush and the Republicans, for all their talk, have administered over increases in pornagraghy and abortion, supposedly things they were to fight against. Republicans are hypocrits, now they are all caught up in sex scandals, Foley, Taggert, just the tip of the iceberg. Gonzales will only hate pornography when his master tells him to, since Bush and Cheney love pornography especially violent pornography like watching Iraqi children get raped and murdered even burned by American Soldiers... Cheney gets off on watching dead Iraqi children bleeding to death after they've played with unexploded cluster bombs. Don't count on this Republican administration to do anything about pornography anytime soon. Republicans love pornography especially the most perverted violent types like torture, Gonzales and Cheney really get off on torture.

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