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April 24, 2007

Protect farmers, the public

It is irresponsible for this newspaper or anyone else to imply that farmers are freely polluting the environment and that the only way to stop it is by local control.

As a family farmer, I have to comply with existing state regulations governing my animal feeding operations. As required by my permits, I do not let livestock manure leave my land and flow into the state’s waters. If I did, I would be in violation of the law, subject to strict state enforcement, and liable for penalties.

The livestock manure from my operations (essentially corn and soybeans processed by pigs) are injected into the soil and used as an organic fertilizer in crop production. In contrast, human waste is simply discharged to the state’s rivers and streams, after treatment, at a huge cost to society.

The anti-ag opponents of SB 364 (the Missouri Farm and Food Preservation Act), along with other crisis-type groups and the media, should stop using scare tactics and creating baseless fears and emotions. The purpose of SB 364 and the compromises placed into the bill further protect the public’s interests but still allow farmers to provide a safe and affordable food supply.

Brent Sandidge
Marshall, Mo.


Stifled Freedom

I feel for the farmers. The family farm lifestyle is a definite minority now. Minorities always live under assault from the majority in a democrazy.

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