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April 01, 2007

Support for Latin America

Prior to his recent trip to Latin America, President Bush stated that the United States doesn’t get much credit for its generosity to that region. He said that since he took office, U.S. aid to Latin America has increased from $800 million to $1.6 billion. He pledged an increase during his trip.
I would like to make the following points concerning this aid:
First and foremost, I challenge Bush, Congress or anyone else to find a clause in the U.S. Constitution that authorizes taking money from the taxpayers and giving to anyone, period.
Second, that $1.6 billion would be very handy for buying our troops in Iraq proper equipment, including armored vehicles.
Third, it has been shown over the years that countries that accept foreign aid usually wind up in worse shape than those that do not. This is due to several factors, one of which is that those in power in recipient countries take much of the aid, with little or none used for the intended purpose.
Fourth, if Bush is impelled to do something unconstitutional, then do more for the Katrina victims.
John P. Fitts
Noel, Mo.



Money given directly to other countries' governments as foreign aid does more harm than good. Not enough of it trickles down to the population that most needs helping, and it acts as a disincentive to changing the unproductive and corrupt economic systems that are the cause of the poverty in the first place. America should insist on aiding people directly (for instance, digging water wells, establishing medical clinics, providing food aid) or get out of the foreign aid game entirely.

Stifled Freedom

I agree that the aid money is a waste. Maybe Latin American countries should be reqiured to help us with our immigration problems. There should be some payback.

This aid money usually ends up being extortion money later for US politicians to say "run your country our way or we will cut off the juice". You and I get to pay (again) for thier ego gratification.

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