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April 29, 2007

Transportation for mayor

Funkhouser’s car

A big salute to Kansas City Mayor-elect Mark Funkhouser for his decision to drive his 1997 Toyota (4/25, A-1). It shows he is a man of humility and integrity.

In my opinion, he is the best thing that could happen to Kansas City.

John T. Casey

Mayor should take the Max

There is an easy solution to both problems described on Wednesday’s front page (transportation for the mayor and lack of parking at the new Performing Arts Center): Ride the Max.

Our new mayor lives within an easy walk of the rapid Max line, which has a government district stop at City Hall. For only $40 a month he could have unlimited rides. Since there are so many bus connections (including to the airport) from downtown and other points along the way, he could get anywhere in the city he needs to go.

The Performing Arts Center will also be easily accessible on the Max with the new stop at the Bartle Hall ballroom. With free parking at both the City Market and Waldo terminal points, patrons from both sides of the Missour River can easily ride to a performance for only $2.50 roundtrip (less for seniors). Perhaps the performing arts groups should consider offering ticket discounts as the Royals do if you ride to a game.

Listen up, Mr. Funkhouser. You have the opportunity to set an example to the rest of Kansas City by using public transportation and by encouraging others to do the same.

Kathy Lynch
Kansas City



the mayor just may take the max. chances are, though, he'll never tell anyone, so kathy and sophie won't have something else to bray about. he needs to show up at work, just like the rest of us, no matter how he gets there. heck, even gloria could drive him. on another point, can we deep six dennis kucinich? nobody cares about him any more. he's a nobody, who is going nowhere, and will do nothing when he gets there.

Sophie Demartine

Kathy is right, Kucinich would use the Max, if he were mayor here, this is how you can tell the difference between leaders and men with titles

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