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April 05, 2007

What would Jesus do?

During this holiest of weeks, I feel compelled to write and share my most holy experience.

On last Friday evening, around 5:15, my children and I were driving north on K-7 between I-70 and State Avenue. My 14-year-old permit driver was behind the wheel. She was going exactly the speed limit.

As I was telling her what a great job she was doing, I noticed a lady in the rear-view mirror. This lady was so close to us that I could read her lips. The things that were coming out of her mouth are not fit to be repeated in this letter.

As soon as she was able, she swerved around us and then pulled in front of us. If she gave us a foot, I would be surprised. My daughter was shocked and slammed on the brakes. She asked me what she did wrong.

As I explained, she did nothing wrong — that this was just an impatient driver — I noticed something interesting. All over the woman’s little maroon car were bumper stickers proclaiming what a great Christian she was.

This day my children learned that not all Christians practice what they preach.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not anti-Christian, just anti-hypocrite.

Samantha Swan



I would be one if I did not agree.
Always remember....stealing is not stealing if it is legal.
Morality and legality are like child support and visitation.
Totally seperate issues according to the masses and those that make our bogus laws.

red rover

I imagine the Star picked the "What would Jesus do?" heading, so most of the comments are missing the point of the original letter. Probably not so much about the bumper stickers, but about the driver. I to have a permit driver daughter. We are lucky to be able to drive in remote areas in the northland for practice, but are still subjected to tailgaters and otherwise crappy drivers.
A few weeks ago the Star had a pic of a 14 year old driver on the front page and someone wrote in that the thought of that 14 year old on the road "scared him to death." Chances are that boy at this time is a better driver than the guy who wrote in. I will admit my 15 year old daughter is probably a better than me. Anyway she puts up with alot more crap from poor drivers than I do. Tailgae me sometime and see.


Liked your letter, it actually had a point. And CRD, maybe these people were just born to be Christians and couldn't help themselves. Or maybe the car belonged to some one else. On the other hand, if you uphold no standards whatsoever, it is difficult to be hypocritical. Yet everyone seems to find a way.


Why is it such an affront to print a letter condemning hypocrisy on Good Friday? What does hypocrisy have to do with Cadbury Cream Eggs and Marsmallow Peeps?


Good letter. There's more to being a Christian (or an American, for that matter) than slapping a few bumper stickers on your car.


What would Jesus do?

He would have pulled out his CCW Smith & Wesson and blasted away at you for getting in his way.

Let us know if someone burns a cross in your yard for the heresy of your letter.



That was very funny. Thanks.


Mrs. Swan doesn’t say whether she used the opportunity to tell her children about the damage that can be done by giving in to "road rage" and ways to control their anger. Nor does she say whether they talked about the importance of following their faith and how they can be a witness through all their actions in everyday life. But if she left the incident as only a “lesson in hypocrisy,” then they are none the wiser for the interaction. And, frankly, neither are we after reading Mrs. Swan’s letter, the sole purpose of which seems to be taking the controversial stand of condemning hypocrisy.

Classy touch from the Star, though - printing her letter on Good Friday. Maybe the Easter edition was full.

T. Hanson

"What would Jesus do?"

I hate to be a smart as$, but I think he would have walked, or rode a bike. He was pretty much a people person I think and would have loved to talk to a lot of people along the way. My guess though.


Good call nosheep.

All people are hypocrits. But nice job making it about a particular group.


Christians are hypocrites when it really comes down to the brass tax of it.
"Thou Shalt Not" ......then that part of the 10 Commandments is twisted, shifted, whatever to fit personal and political agendas.

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