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May 25, 2007

Carter on Bush

I read and hear considerable concern over former President Jimmy Carter’s comments regarding the present policies — especially foreign policy — of the Bush administration. It should be noted that Carter did not criticize President Bush, personally, only his policies (or lack of).

Many are offended than an ex-president found opportunity and need to criticize the workings of a sitting president. The degree of “offense” assigned seems directly proportional to the political posture of the critic.

The critics do not address the timeliness or accuracy of Carter’s criticism.

None mentioned an (arguably) unnecessary war, a badly mismanaged conflict, the absence of coherent foreign policy or the fact that Uncle Sam is now hated by many.

History will be our judge. We have invested considerable blood and treasure in this adventure. When will it end?

R.W. Johnson



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Mark Robertson

Yes, but we did mention that Carter attempted to back down from his stupid comments in an incoherent Today Show appearance the following Monday.(5-21) Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


Oh, please don't start spamming every thread again with the same post, Karen.


Bush Ignored Warnings On Iraq

Declassified reports released Friday show that pre-war intelligence reports and summaries accurately predicted the chaos and bloodshed that has engulfed Iraq for the past four years. Bush, Rumsfeld and their entire rotten cabal did not just ignore these warnings and forge ahead – they made no plans, whatsoever, for the occupation.

Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo), after four years of strict partisanship and stalling now says that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s work is “too embroiled in politics and partisanship.”

Anyone who actually read the news before this war started knows that these reports were no big secret. Analysts and experts at universities and “think tanks” as well as government officials and military officers, past and present, presented just about any scenario imaginable and what the costs would be.

I care nothing for your politics. I think it is disgraceful that President Bush hides behind this so-called patriotism that allows the war supporters/political extremists to ignore reality – a reality where people are dying and this country’s moral underpinnings are being hacked away.


Brace yourself for the right-wing attack!

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