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May 31, 2007

Fine care for preemies

We were shocked and saddened to hear of HCA’s decision to terminate its contract with neonatologist William Topper (5/23, A-1, “Changes fall hardest on the tiniest patients”).

In June 2004, Dr. Topper, along with many other dedicated Research Medical Center staff, cared for our daughter, Ellie, who was born seven weeks premature.

Dr. Topper is a committed and well-respected physician who provided exceptional care during our daughter’s monthlong stay in the neonatal intensive-care unit. Not only did he address Ellie’s medical needs, but he helped our family through the emotional rollercoaster of parenting a premature baby long after her stay at Research.

We are so grateful that Ellie is a healthy and thriving 3-year-old today. That may not have been the case were she not in the best of hands at the time of her birth.

As too often seems to happen, the real victims in this tragedy are the weakest, in this case the premature infants who are fighting to survive.

Megan and Matt Bolch
Kansas City


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