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May 04, 2007

Hazards of radioactivity

Inspired into anti-nuclear activism by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring myself, I want to correct a mistaken impression in your article “Green heroine” (4/28, FYI).

The proposed Yucca Mountain, Nev., national dump site for high-level radioactive waste is not a done deal. In fact, it’s looking more and more like it will never open.

Just as happened at the previously targeted salt formations at Lyons, Kan., the scientific studies at Yucca have shown the site to be entirely unsuitable geologically. This is good news for Kansas City.

If the Yucca dump is ever opened, your community would be one of the hardest hit in the country in terms of high-level radioactive waste shipments by truck and train bound for Yucca.

These “mobile Chernobyls” and “dirty bombs on wheels” could release catastrophic amounts of radioactivity in the event of a severe accident or attack.

Carson’s Silent Spring not only warned about the dangers of toxic chemicals, it also warned about the hazards of radioactivity.

Kevin Kamps
Nuclear waste specialist, Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Takoma Park, Md.



I keep waiting for the fine folks who oppose every location suggested for the nuclear waste to actually suggest a place they will agree to. Seems to me they are long on denial about this problem.

Possibly the most dangerous place to keep the nuclear waste is where we have it currently. Building up in pools at the power plants. It does no good to shout we "never should have" built nuclear power plants (and I won't debate that here). He did. We have the waste. The only reality based question is "where are we going to put it"?

Stifled Freedom

The solution is going to force itself. As the govt wrangles over where to put the waste, nuclear power plants all over the country continue to operate and generate more. Something's got to be done with it.

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