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May 17, 2007

Learning how to save

I work with my mom, and every time I get paid, I put one-fourth of it in my savings account. I put the rest in my spending account. The money that I put in my savings account is for college, a car and a house. The money I put in my spending account I can spend on things I want.

The first year, I bought little things like candy. The second year I bought a My Twin Doll, which cost $139. The third year I bought an MP3 player.

My mom has been encouraging my brother and sisters and me to save for big things.

When you buy little things, you don’t really like that stuff, but if you buy something big you will either like it or play with it more than you would little things.

Last year my brother and sisters and I started saving pennies to help families and children in need. We hope to buy a gallon of water, a first-aid kit and blankets. I suggest to my friends and church members to do this, too.

When I said I worked with my mom, I didn’t tell you what we do. We garden for a lady in Kansas. I keep encouraging my friends and neighbors to save their money.

April O’Kelley, age 12
Kansas City



Hey, Ape! Can I bum twenty till payday? LOL


So covering the overhead of the household is not being responsible? Courts do not even make considerations when awarding custody, the mother defaulty gets custody.


Hmmm. Perhaps there's a reason you didn't get custody.


Easy for a 12 year old to say, they aren't responsible for the household overhead.
If you are a white middle class male in this country, you really get the hammer.

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