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May 07, 2007

Legoland, Lee’s Summit

The Lee’s Summit City Council and Mayor Karen Messerli have obviously fallen for all the hoopla presented by the developers of Legoland (5/3 editorial, “Scrutinize funding plans for Legoland”).

First, they need to learn from Olathe. That city realized the huge tax burden Legoland would place on its residents and decided to forgo the opportunity.

Next, the location is too small for such a large operation. If that location is the only place the developers would consider, then it must not be the attraction they claim it to be.

Further, $222 million in public funding is ridiculous. Why should the taxpayers of Lee’s Summit welcome a project into our city that “generates net deficits for the city” over most of the next 24 years as the editorial notes?

As I stated in an e-mail to the members of the City Council and the mayor: Don’t be impressed by all the bells and whistles that the developers have thrown out to try to impress. They want to shift the risk to the residents of Lee’s Summit. Doesn’t that send out a red flag?

Judy Beyer
Lee’s Summit



I don't see 220 million dollar TIF for a 770 million dollar project as being out of line. Especially when the land it is proposed for has been generating practically no revenue for the last 20 years.

The way I see it Brain Yates let us down. I think I made mistake when I voted for Brian Yates in the last election he appears to be more concerned the diplomatic protocol than what is best for his constituents.

He told the Lees Summit Journal that the reason the $46 million was removed was because the developers never approached him about it. So it appears that the $770 million dollar project proposed to the former Western Electric campus may not happen at all. If I was a state legislator and someone wanted to build a three quarters of a billion dollar project in my district I would be knocking on their door asking what I could do to help.

I don’t think I’ll be making that mistake again.


who said jackson county could "afford" the millions they are dumping into the stadiums. the teams bullied and thugged their way to getting that. given the performance of the roylas thus far, and the chiefs to come, it will be more money thrown down a rathole. the best thing would be if either or both of the temas left town.


I like Legos, I liked them as a kid, I liked playing with them with my boys, and I look forward to playing with them with my future grandchildren. However, the payback timeframe is way too long to make any sense. Remember because of the time-value of money, the longer the payback, the greater the risk to them putting the money upfront. There is alot of good things Lee's Summit could do with about a quarter of a billion dollars, I find it hard to believe that there is not better opportunies that make more sense.


I would imagine of the Hun family had stake in it, everyone would endorse it.
$600M+ of taxpayer funding is going to the stadiums. Sure, the stadiums create minimum wage part-time and volunteer jobs with few if any benefits. Personally I think they are crramming too much uneeded commercial space into the suburbs anyway but everyone wants new, name brand, flash and pizzaz!
I say screw it, build Legoland, if Jackson COunty can afford uneeded stadium "upgrades" that benefit a few millionaires, why not have another fancy theme park.


Paying to bring a profit making corporation in that will result in a net deficit to the community is stupid to the point of insanity. At least it's NIMBY.

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