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May 19, 2007

Luring children to hate

Recently my 2-year old daughter was sitting on my lap while we surfed the Internet and she saw a familiar mouse on the monitor. But it wasn’t Disney’s friendly Mickey Mouse; it was Hamas’ Farfur telling children barely older than my daughter to aspire to go out and murder people just like her (5/15, Opinion, Michael Goodwin column, “There can be no peace with merchants of hate”).

The Hamas government looks at its children and sees future bombs and mass-murderers (aka “martyrs”). My government looks at my daughter and sees a future productive member of society.

As Golda Meir said, peace will come when they love their children more than they hate us.

I am grateful that my daughter lives in a culture that loves its children.

Eric Poe
Overland Park



And as far as a culture that loves its children, I wish our culture loved ALL its children.


Too bad you had to read through a B.S. story to get to his point.


Whatever Eric Poe did, or didn't do, there seems plenty of information on the internet that Farfur is used to spread hate, of the West in general and Isreal in particular, to Muslim children. It does not seem that there is much to argue with in the last three paragraphs of his letter, and those are the significant ones.


Well, if it's Eric Poe the webmaster from Spring Hill, how the heck did he stumble across Farfur, especially with a 2-year-old in his lap? You'd think he'd be a bit more computer savvy than that and knew how to use filters.

Eric is merely repeating something that hasn't really been true for quite some time. Back when search engines were in their infancy, yes, you could get all sorts of stuff you didn't intend to access, particularly porn.

But search engines are a lot more sophisicated these days.


If you start out with a conclusion and go surfing/shopping for evidence to support it, you can nearly always find something to work with.

For instance, if you search for 'eric poe' you discover that he's either ...

1) ... a school webmaster from Spring Hill.

2) ... pled no contest to assault on a police officer in Oklahoma in 2004 and was sentenced to two years in the stockade for the crime.

3) ... a hog farmer from Virginia who had an unfortunate encounter with a bear.

"By the time Eric Poe stopped the pickup in front of the hog pen 300 yards up the hill from his father's house, one of his two 130-lb hogs lay slashed and bleeding in the corner of the pen and the other was being dragged uphill into the woods by a black bear."

"Poe jumped out of the truck and ran toward the bear. It dropped the hog and lunged at him."

"Poe thought, "I've got to re-think this.""

Well, I'd think you would. I choose #3.



Who does that remind you of?

The Oslo Syndrome DELUSIONS OF A PEOPLE UNDER SEIGE Kenneth Levin – 2005 Smith and Kraus, Inc.

"In 1800, the world Jewish population was a little over two million, approximately 800,000 of whom lived in what had been, until its recent dissolution, Poland.
There was large-scale destruction of Jewish populations even before the establishment of Christianity as the state religion of the Roman Empire...

...The ultra-nationalist regimes of eastern Europe would have been glad to be rid of their Jews through emigration, but the Jews had no place to go…

...Report to the Secretary on the Acquiescence of This Government in the Murder of the Jews -
Title of memorandum presented by U.S. Treasury Department officials to the Secretary of the Treasury, January 1944...

…Indeed, the attitude at the (British) Foreign Office seems to have been that if no Jews were rescued from Europe and no European Jews survived the war there would then be no basis for advocacy of a Jewish homeland and the British grip on Palestine would be all the more secure.

In any case, Foreign Office communications to the State Department opposing rescue proposals, even after the genocide program was known, refer repeatedly to, in the words of one memo, “the difficulties of disposing of any considerable number of Jews should they be rescued.”…

…Even small-scale rescue was opposed by the Foreign Office and by State out of fear that successful rescue might lead to pressure to save more Jews, and that the Nazis, or at least their allies, might “exploit” rescue programs to “unload” additional Jews...

...However, in the wake of the 1967 war, a war won by Israel with Western arms, mainly French aircraft, over soviet arms, and which therefore redounded to the West’s, including America’s, diplomatic advantage, the American strategic view of Israel changed. It was now seen as indeed capable of defending itself given only the military equipment necessary to counterbalance arms sales, whether Soviet or Western, to the Arab states, and so the United States felt free to avail itself of the gains of a strategic alliance with Israel...

...In addition, virtually all post-World War I nation building could be construed as European powers redressing their crimes at the expense of others...

...Critics…have faulted (new historians) for their failing to make use of available Arab sources. As one reviewer notes of Israelis Border Wars, “Arabs are virtually non-existent”; that is, there is no serious consideration of Arab decision-making and the shaping of Arab policy. It has been suggested that for some... this failure reflects at least in part their limited command of Arabic…each has a rhetorical interest in portraying Arabs two-dimensionally, as essentially reactive and as responding in predictable ways to Israeli moves, with Israeli aggressiveness inexorably perpetuating conflict and Israeli reforms the key to peace...

...British administrators believed that the Arabs were more pliable and that giving the Arabs the upper hand in local affairs would better serve the goal of perpetuating the British presence…

…British interest in staying in Palestine, always intense, grew with anticipation of the war (the Arab revolt of 1936-1939) and with the war itself and persisted after the war, not least out of a desire to defend British interests in Arab oil...

(...what had long been United States policy and American foreign service orthodoxy to the effect that, both for assuring access to Middle East oil and for other geostrategic reasons, the United States must support Arab strongman regimes and that to do otherwise – including to encourage democratization – could lead either to chaos or the rise to power of hostile forces and, in either case, a severe compromising of American interests.)"


Web surfing with a 2-year-old on your lap?

-- Unlikely

Stumbling on a Hamas website using Mickey Mouse to incite hate?

-- Very unlikely

Inventing a little story to make a point in a letter to the editor?

-- Very likely

Stifled Freedom

Irishguy, I was wondering that too. I have surfed a lot too and I have never stumbled onto a Hamas website. But that doesn't matter to most of the readers. They aren't going to think about that.

And love of children amounts to just political pandering of parents through the children. The children are just pawns in a larger political game to get votes.


Our government and society advocates hate mentality and behavior. Everything is about being vindictive especially when it comes to politics and family courts.
Breeding hate is profitable for government.



Ummm, Eric? How did you manage to find Farfur while "surfing the Internet" with your two-year-old daughter sitting on your lap?

How long did you sit there with your two-year-old daughter sitting in your lap before you tumbled on to what you were watching?

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