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May 21, 2007

Voter fraud concern

“A judge” ordered that a recall election be put on the ballot in Lee’s Summit despite a determination by Jackson County election officials that some signatures had been faked on the recall petition (5/16, Local, “Two face petition forgery charges; Lee’s Summit residents allegedly faked signatures on a petition to recall a City Council member”).

Why isn’t the name of this judge reported?

Election fraud is very serious business. Perhaps The Star should investigate the purported election abuses that former U.S. attorney Todd Graves declined to pursue rather than try to foment a furor over his dismissal.

Kudos to the citizenry of Lee’s Summit and their Police Department as well as to Jackson County Prosecutor Jim Kanatzar for taking their responsibilities to defend the integrity of the election process seriously.

Judith L. Wells
Mission Hills



"When the number of voters registered in a County exceeds the number of residents in that County."

Engineer, we had this discussion before and you never seem to learn. "more voters than residents" is a Republican talking point repeated in just about every state in the union. When you said it happened in Missouri, I challenged you to name the county.

You failed to do so.


So you think it's a good idea to have a lot of non-residents and dead people registered to vote? Well, I must admit, it's worked well in Chicago. Even better than getting the service people's votes thrown out in Florida in 2000 to help Gore.


Is there anything the Republicans can do to influence elections in their favor, or stack the deck of "justice", or anything else for that matter that the true believers won't defend?

Does the end justify the means?


When the number of voters registered in a County exceeds the number of residents in that County, it is time for something to be done about the situation. Any action that might bring a correction to the situation is to be applauded


It's been reported, Judith. Tood Graves --- a very loyal Republican, by the way --- refused to file suit against the Missouri Secretary of State to force the purging of voter registration rolls before the 2006 election. He knew that the Department of Justice lacked jurisdiction in telling state and local officials how to conduct elections.

So he was replaced and his successor filed the lawsuit. Guess what? It was tossed out of court because the Department of Justice lacked jurisdiction.

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