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May 30, 2007

Work for the people

Carole Damon (5/24, Letters, “Carter’s comments”) has the right idea about the Bush administration but stops short of the “I” word. Why are we so afraid to say they must be impeached? That is the only logical next step. It will also serve as a warning to the rest of our elected officials who are no longer responsive to the people. Somewhere they have lost the connection to those who elected them. If you watch the newscasts, you can tell that a lot of them are still afraid to speak up. This is due to the post-9/11 motto: Either you are with us or against us. We need to write our elected officials and demand that they stand up for us and stop acting like sheep.

Tony Otrosko


Tom K

No amount of equipment can make up for a stupid military strategy.


ig - Please point out where BT suggests limiting free speech via government or any other means. Perhaps I missed it on another thread.



You are being so obnoxious by putting the same post on every thread that the points you are trying to make are being lost.

For instance: The reason our troops don't have the new trucks is the same reason they didn't get the armor or up-armored Humvees when they needed them. Because our President decided our troops lives weren't worth the money.

But who is going to pay attention to that point when you are spamming the entire site?


The Iraq war and the very lives of the troops are at stake and the Democrats can’t clean up their act? Rep. John Murtha, after being among the first to speak out on behalf of the troops, is shown on CNN with his $39 million earmark for a redundant drug agency in his district. I appreciate that our new Democratic Senator in Missouri, Claire McCaskill, is keeping her campaign pledge to not use earmarks but apparently, she is the only one. Senator Bond, our Republican senator is said to be one of the best at this practice, perhaps that’s why he has kept his position for so long.

If there is that much money laying around in Washington, then I think it would be better spent paying to have the contract expedited for the 7,774 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles that the troops need to SAVE THEIR LIVES. The bill is estimated at $8.4 billion and is necessary because the Humvees have all the armor they can carry and are now inadequate to the deadlier IEDs. They have a V-shaped undercarriage that is designed to deflect blasts away from the soldiers on board and these have been in existence for quite some time, apparently, the South African Defense Force had them back in 1979.

Also, the Republicans here in Missouri cannot find it in their hearts or pocketbooks to restore Medicaid coverage for the children, families and the disabled who had previously been cut off for lack of money. Child advocates have repeatedly said that social services in Missouri are shamefully under funded. Children who have no family, very often with behavior or medical problems are forgotten by the “compassionate conservatives.”

This country is at war, the disadvantaged are being neglected and the people in Washington throw money around like there is no tomorrow. It is a disgrace.


It's called freedom of speech, Buddy. I know you have a big problem with it.


You know a lighning bug is brighter than the "kookdom" on this site...

I cannot believe any thinking American citzen would give one milisecond of creedance to posts like the previous one to this....

I mean, I literally cannot grasp the magnitude of ignorance these posts represent, seriously....I mean it is frightening that folks like this actually exist, breathe, matriculate, converse, whatever.....with the sane world...

Thank God we have CCW passed in MO, I mean, By G.....imagine being confronted on the street by these,...these......without being armed...Crud you could be in gulag in an eyeblink....Save us all from the kookdom...

Sophie Demartine

The problem is the mainstream media which day in and day out brainwashes the sheeple, we need to bring back the "fairness doctrine" and sell our "public airwaves", airwaves which are in the public domain belonging to all the people equally, we need to sell them or even give them away free to responsible news media like Democracy Now not fascist propaganda like FOX.

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