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June 02, 2007

NFL players, dog fighting

There is a great deal of evidence tying Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick to a very large dog-fighting business (5/30, Sports, “Vick search warrant issued”). Clinton Portis, a Washington running back, stated that if Vick wanted to participate in dog fighting, he should do it, that it’s nobody’s business.

This situation is a perfect example of sports figures who are overglorified and regarded as above the law because they are stars.

Dog fighting is a felony and an extremely violent, cruel sport. Dogs routinely fight to the death in bloodbaths. Some are used as bait, mouths taped shut. Dogs that lose are thrown out, wounded, to suffer and die alone. Some are chained so tightly they can’t lay their heads down. Others are set on fire.

Illegal firearms, drugs and violence are commonly present during fights, and this sport poses a serious danger to all communities.

We must teach our children that being a star, rich and famous, does not make someone glamorous. Anyone who condones dog fighting is not a decent role model. And anyone who participates in crimes such as dog fighting belongs in prison, not the NFL.

Becky Dyer

If Michael Vick is found to be guilty of having sought profit from the training and fighting of dogs, it seems only fair that he should spend his jail time tethered on a heavy choke chain to a filthy doghouse.

Cruel and unusual? Yes — not that he wouldn’t deserve it. But this is a land of laws.

Unfortunately, the rights of good people are being violated because of irresponsible animal owners. Families are being forced to part with beloved, well-trained pets that threaten no one.

Any dog can be made to be dangerous, or be taught to love and be well-behaved. Laws making it impossible for good people to keep good dogs are cruel.

People involved in activities like those Vick is accused of contribute to conditions used as an excuse by legislators to violate the rights of good people with breed bans and impossible breed-specific hurdles.

Punish animal abusers, not good persons and good dogs.

Phil Kline


Tom K

People are not losing their rights because of dogfighting. We are losing our rights because of unethical individuals and organizations that take advantage of the shame of dogfighting to gain political power.

The majority of people should be rewarded for being good and just and kind, instead of being punished for the acts of a few. At this rate there is no reward for "not dogfighting" because we all pay penalties that swindlers assess.


I am rather impressed that he managed to do so.


Assume? Seems like you missed the word "guess."

And it also seems like my guess was pretty much close to accurate.

Nosheeple, you manage to work in your messy divorce into every thread. It must have been hard work thinking up a way to get it into a thread about the NFL and dogfighting, but I tip my hat to you.


NO, once again, you ASSUME.
So you are saying that whether a family can afford it or not, the State should force people to pay for extras that they may not be able to afford?
Married couples have the CHOICE and are not thrown in debtors prison if they CHOOSE to not participate. For a Democrat, you sure are non-choice oriented.


"In fact, many in society believe sports is an entitlement, a neccessity. That chidlren are ENTITLED to participate regardless of your financials."

Lemme guess here, nosheeple. One of your kids wants to play soccer, and your ex-wife has hit you up for the registration fee.


Society is hypocritical, especially when it comes to their almighty athletes.
Regardless of religious beliefs or political loyalties, you put the NFL up in the house and all bets are off, people become 100% liberal.
What do we expect? A good majority of these thugs are catered to like royalty all thorugh highschool and college, given a free education, their behavior overlooked and then put above God. In fact, many in society believe sports is an entitlement, a neccessity. That chidlren are ENTITLED to participate regardless of your financials.
Idiots like Mike Vick should be immediately banned from sports and given double the penalty, they have NO EXCUSE for anything, theyt have millions of dollars, work 6 months (if that) out of the year, doing intramurals, get more breaks and privledge than common citizens, yet they cry vicitm.

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