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June 15, 2007

Police chases

Once again we have had a serious injury or death in Kansas City because of a police chase involving some minor violation of the law.
How many innocent people have to suffer the effects of this lunacy before we demand that police authorities implement some sensible policies regarding police chases?
If a police cruiser is involved in the hot pursuit of a fleeing perpetrator of a felony involving death or serious bodily harm, then a high-speed chase might be justified.
If it’s something less than that, then, for heaven’s sake, just get the license number if possible and let them go.
It’s not worth maiming and killing innocent motorists to apprehend some petty criminal or traffic offender.
Some argue that it’s usually the fleeing “criminal” who causes the actual crash. That may be the case. However, you are going to be just as dead whether you have a collision with the pursuer or the pursued.
Let’s have some reasonable cost/benefit analysis here.
Glenn E. Bradford
Kansas City



"...just get the license number if possible and let them go."

...does a lot of good if it's a stolen car with a dead body/abducted teen in the trunk.

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