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June 03, 2007

Spelling bee kudos

Congratulations to the two young Kansas City area National Spelling Bee finalists, Kavya Shivashankar (Olathe) and Connor Spencer (Farley, Mo.) (6/1, A-1, “‘C’ words trip up A-list spellers; KC area’s two finalists fall on “cilice” and “cachalot” at the National Spelling Bee”). Thanks to both of them for representing our city. They and their families should be extremely proud of their accomplishments.

And kudos to ABC for broadcasting the Scripps Spelling Bee finals during prime time on Thursday evening. It’s not often enough that academic competitions are spotlighted on television.

At this age, kids often get the message that being athletic is the only way to be great, when in reality, academic achievement is what builds the strongest basis for a successful life. Thanks to ABC for promoting that message by broadcasting the event.

Colleen Hunter


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