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June 28, 2007

Type too small

I read that the AT&T white page phone book is shrinking (6/26, A-1, “In age of cell phones and the Internet, the White Pages just keep shrinking”).

Perhaps they could use those extra pages to increase the tiny font size to where it used to be so that we baby boomers with bifocals can read the names and numbers without a magnifying glass!

Jim Beemer
Blue Springs



You know what else I have noticed Beemer? The steps I climb every day have gotten steeper! Now who raised them and when they did has me stumped.

And I think my feet have gotten further away from my waist too, I notice this every time I tie a shoelace.

Oh and have you notice how many people lately have taken um "mumbling" as a form of speech, I swear it is a growing trend.

Let me know if you figure out why this is happening to us.

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