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July 06, 2007

Fourth of July fireworks

People want to sleep

Perhaps I am getting old; perhaps it’s because my wife and I now have a newborn. Whatever the reason, I feel there should be a curfew for shooting off fireworks. And if there already is one, where are the officials to enforce it? Couldn’t this be considered “disturbing the peace”?

On the evening of the Fourth, inconsiderate people in our neighborhood were still setting off their explosives at 11:55 p.m., as were others in other neighborhoods I’m sure.

I am all about celebrating our freedom. Losing our residence to a fire in 2003 as the result of a bottle rocket onto our wood roof has soured us on celebrating this holiday like others do.

Still, we don’t like to be Scrooges. I just feel that adults should exercise some common courtesy when allowing their kids to detonate firecrackers (or doing it themselves) after 10 or 10:30 p.m. They have had all day long to light the loud firecrackers, and have had almost two hours to light the colorful ones.

These people should understand that there are elderly folks and people with young children living all around them who are being awakened at almost midnight because they haven’t quite blown up enough stuff.

Jeff Meyer

How did tradition start?

What kind of society do we live in where we intentionally pollute the environment and scare people and animals with explosives? And why don’t people respect their neighbors any more? Who in their right mind shoots off fireworks within a neighborhood? Especially bottle rockets? How stupid are people? Is this how we honor our country — by blowing it up? Who made up this tradition anyway? Wake up, people!

Maggie Sheehan
Kansas City

Great view closed down

How stunned I was on the evening of the Fourth at the Liberty Memorial. Patriotic American citizens were parked in the west mall parking lot to observe the panoramic view of fireworks being displayed on the beautiful horizon west of the Liberty Mall. Then to my dismay, a security patrolwoman drove through the lot around 9:30 p.m. instructing these citizens to leave.

“There is no fireworks display here tonight,” she said, “and I am closing up the property.”

Whose “property” is it anyway? I thought it belonged to the citizenry. And of all nights to deny Americans the ability to observe the patriotic display that was occurring.

The patrol woman said she was instructed by the director of public relations to do this unenviable task. How un-American can you get? The Liberty Memorial staff should, in my humble American opinion, accommodate the citizenry on the occasion of celebration of our Day of Independence.

I would suggest that perhaps a new public relations person be hired who knows what the title means, if indeed this person was responsible for this decision. I’m appalled!

Patrick Orlich
Weatherby Lake



right on. Nice to be able to agree with you.


I'm afraid the horse has already left this barn. Law enforcement ain't gonna work. Where would they start, and where would they stop? The "problem" is that widespread.

I agree that shooting of mortars at 12:30 a.m. is inconsiderate, but there are lots of inconsiderate people in the world. How are we ever going to cure that? Won't happen in time for July 4, 2008.

After attending public displays for many years and trying to drive through all the people shooting off fireworks in the street, we took the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy.

Every evening on the Fourth of July, we let the kids shoot off some fountains (not anything that goes up in the air), then we grab a piece of porch and watch the 360-degree fireworks display all around us. It goes on for hours, and matches any public display we have been to.

Yeah, if July 5 is a work day, I kinda lag for that day. But I've had a lot of fun. Totally worth it.

T. Hanson

I disagree... having the mortars fire off at 12:30 in the morning on July 5th was completely inconsiderate. If it was a weekend it would be more understandable but many of us have work.


I agree some firework shold not be allowed and stiff fines imposed for shooting them off in residential neighborhoods (bottlerockets mainly).
As for wood roofs. They are a firehazard, get a new roof.
As for the noise, I wonder if these same people that complain have any problems with the hooting and hollering during football season? It's the second most important day in our nation. You can always go to a quiet country that has little fredom.

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