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July 22, 2007

Hyatt anniversary

On July 17, I waited until the afternoon to browse through The Star. I was reluctant to open the paper. Actually I was torn. Did I want to have my horrible memories consecrated by seeing words about the most horrific accident in my city's history and in my lifetime? Or was I hoping to at least see some type of homage to all of us who were involved in the Hyatt disaster. I feel more strongly about the latter.

Did I miss the article in The Star commemorating the people who lost their lives, the innocent sister who was paralyzed at the age of 26, and witnesses to the accident like me?

As a victim of this horrible accident which was a result of human carelessness, I think it is unconscionable of the city's newspaper to not honor all of us who were injured, killed or maimed for life on that horrible date July 7, 1981.

A. Mendez
Overland Park



Did the Star honor the dead and wounded every year up until this year?
How many years after the incident must the "memorial" take place in order to satisfy A Mendez?
Perhaps A Mendez should buy some advertising space next year on 7/7 to insure proper recognition.

T. Hanson

I have no room to talk. Bad things happen to good people. We can only hope that this tradigy has helped us in the long run and from what I can tell it has.
New engineering policys were inforced to make sure that one skywalk is supported by another. And if there are support bars on skywalks that the anchors are not on "C" bars.
Also when the OKC bombing took place many of the firefighters that assisted in the Hyatt accident were able to report to OKC and assist in saving many lives there from the training that took place during and after the colapse. If you still feel angry about what happen just think how much has been done. No ones life is a lost cause.


As tragic as this accident was, it was 36 years ago. Move on! The city has, the Hyatt has, evidentally you haven't.

I cannot seem to understand people's obsession with thinking things that have passed long ago should still be remembered like it was last year. At times Life sucks for everyone! Get over it!

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