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July 20, 2007

Sexual harassment case

Why should the University of Missouri-Kansas City be trusted to investigate itself when it failed so miserably the first time (7/14, Local, “UMKC inquiry under way; An official is looking into claims women were openly fondled, groped and subjected to explicit sexual talk”)?

The Affirmative Action Office does not appear to me to be the best place for these inquiries. I believe that the attorney general’s office should be involved because the reports indicate that the alleged actions of these professors went beyond sexual harrassment.

I hope that the public will demand that a third party get involved in these investigations and that the parties involved have real consequences for their behavior.

I distrust the ability and sincerity of the present chancellor because of his response to this situation. Does he really think it’s acceptable that the affirmative action department will have a response in one or two months? If the taxpayers can spend $1.1 million on an out-of-court settlement in this case, I think the university could afford a better investigation.

J.M. Keller
Kansas City

I was sickened as I read the details of the sexual abuse that allegedly went on at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Even more appalling was the statement that UMKC was going to look into it further. This institution didn’t get it right the first time. I think its time that a Jackson County prosecutor look into it. And you want to ask me again why women across this country want the Equal Rights Amendment passed?

Barbara Womack


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