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August 15, 2007

A suggestion, please?

Will someone please give me ideas for using countless personal address labels I receive from various charities? I say “countless” because I don’t intend to count them. Such a project would take hours, perhaps days, to complete.

I can’t bring myself to toss them all. It seems such a waste. Yet there they lie, stacked up. I have managed to throw a high percentage of them away because the address is wrong, but that doesn’t lessen my shudders at the waste.

I write letters, begging, imploring the charities to “Please send no more labels.” Obviously, no one reads anything but the checks. The barrage of labels has gotten so heavy that I hesitate to contribute to any charity. But that certainly doesn’t assuage my concern, for both the charity and the ever-increasing size of the label mass.

Virginia Schneider
Bonner Springs



Congratulations, Virginia Schneider!

You used the word of the day!

It's a word you use every day - assuage.

Remember: when you type "assuage" you're putting "u" after an "ass" - while also reminding yourself that "u - age".
A poignant lesson on our own mortality.

Thanks for playing!


I hear some people put them on their shirts in case they forget where they live. So I've heard.

mike d

My wife sticks them to the bottom of pots, pans or dishes we take to gatherings where they might get mixed up with others. Works good.

T. Hanson

What are these "letters" I hear about so often? I mean I heard back in the old days people had to send paper through the mail system, but wasn't that replaced with e-bills and e-mail?


where do you get these? I could use some. I don't like having to take the time to write my return address on letters (no joke. I really hate it. my muscularly fat fingers always smudge the ink)

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