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August 12, 2007

Censorship the issue

In response to Paul Gumbel’s letter about porn (8/9), well, it is simple. We don’t live in China. Our government doesn’t censor the Internet, and never will. If they were to start doing so, who knows where they would stop?

There are already many tools you can use to keep kids from viewing Internet pornography. It is the parents’ responsibility to use these.

However, what the government could and should do is adopt the “.xxx” domain and require all porn to be on those, making it significantly easier for programs to adequately filter out the pornography to your standards.

Jon Stone
Santa Monica, Calif., and Fairway



You're batting .500. You don't live in China, and the government (here, in the US) does censor the internet. Not much, but some. There are sites (external) which are blocked and to which you don't have access, and there are sites here with external access blocked. A quick Google search (try blocked websites, us government blocked websites, and internet censorship in the us to get started) will lead you to many examples of this sort of thing.


libertarian: The reason the "conservatives" in congress don't want a ".xxx" is so it can't be found out how much of it they are using at government expense!


Considering the huge amount of money changing hands over "sexually explicit, adult oriented material" there must be a really, really, big percentage of the population who are "perverts".

Either that or a whole bunch of pretty normal peoople like watching sex, reading about sex and thinking about sex.

Stifled Freedom

I remember hearing about a federal commisson rendering a decision against the .XXX domain idea. The .XXX domain seemed reasonable to me and would make it easier to police for child porn.

Then I heard later there was a scandal that conservative politicians had interferred with commission's decision process to get this decision because they thought the .XXX domain would "legitimize" pornography. I did not hear any more about that.

In reference to Jack's comment, it appears they must think porn was just invented 10 years ago by a modern generation of high-tech perverts. I suppose they think it gives them more justification to judge if they can willfully percieve as a modern perversion.


Porn has been around since the days of cave drawings. Th government should stay out of my life and my business.


Jon...ss you know if you've read the thread, I never was calling for government control over the Internet or anything else.....I used porn as a counterpoint to the Star's invitation to the government to control things they think are not good for us.....I do feel that porn on the internet will prove to be a factor in what kind of attitudes we'll see in the future, but i am against censorship....

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