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August 10, 2007

Immigrants video game

“ICED!” (“I Can End Deportation!”) should be iced (8/6, A-6, “Video game lets players be virtual immigrants.”)

“Shoplifting or jumping a subway turnstile loses points.” D’oh! Those are illegal activities, regardless of one’s citizenship status.

I was an exchange student in the 1970s, when teenage Americans slated for our first experiences abroad were instructed to obey host country laws, proudly and respectably represent the United States, and absorb the culture of the countries we were privileged to visit.

When immigrants come here, they, too, should obey those instructions. The United States has generous immigration laws. In fact, America has more generous laws overall than lots of countries. Isn’t that why many immigrants come here in the first place?

When individuals cross our border and receive the countless advantages of living in America, they tacitly accept the responsibility for living the American way. That includes obeying our laws, contributing to our society and speaking our language.

Thank goodness the current system provides for at least a few ways to separate the wheat from the chaff. Any crime should trigger deportation. It is a privilege to come here, not a right.

Marcia Schutte



"It is hard to justify a law against someone not speaking a language when the language you speak is not even names after your country..."

Do you mean like Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Pashtun, etc, etc? Are those the languages that should not be respected because they are not named after the countries they are spoken in?


as much as I agrew with the letter write in principle (i am too lazy to scroll up to look at his/her name), i do disagree with one thing. There is no law or amendment that claims english as the official language.

I do have a solution though, that could gain the support of the kookdom, if not, definitely the support of the mentally challenged (buddy t's clan....GCYL and ENG-I DO NOT CONSIDER YOU PART OF THIS CLAN. I respect your opinions and actually take them into consideration if I am iffy on a subject. Thank you for that). Make 'American' The official language. No more Enlgish B.S. we don't live in England. Lets name our own for of language as 'American' or 'North american' and call that offical. It could be a spinoff of enlgish, or it could be spanglish. I don't care which, at least it would be official.

It is hard to justify a law against someone not speaking a language when the language you speak is not even names after your country, let alone spoken correctly by more than 1% of the country (which I fall io. I in now way have perfect grammar....jst a perfect brain for numbers

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