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August 23, 2007

Israel, Sudanese refugees

How dare the government of Israel, without explanation, announce to the world that it will deport Sudanese refugees (8/20, A-10, “Darfur refugees can’t stay in Israel; Human rights advocates object to policy, which officials won’t explain”). In all likelihood, those refugees will be returned to Sudan, where they will be treated as traitors or become victims of genocide.

As an American citizen who has had to take Israel’s side in most things Middle East, I find it appalling that it has taken this stand. How many more Jews would have perished had every country that offered asylum during the Holocaust taken this approach?

Israel, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Nancy Oglesby



I wondered what happened to Juan Gone.


According to those darned history books I've read, the United States not only didn't take in many jews prior to, during or immediatly after WWII, we weren't all that supportive of Israel in general until about the time of Nixon as president.

It is good to know that we are not the only nation who "should" now take in anyone who wants to come here.

This stuff always reminded me of something that happened in front of me in Las Vegas. As is standard there, the dealer at the table I was at had where he was from on his name tag. It said, "JUAN, CUBA".

Someone at the table asked Juan how he liked the U.S. He said, "I hate it here." A guy in a cowboy hat looked up and said, "I've got a rifle in my truck I'll loan you if you want to go home." Juan didn't answer.


Well Nancy, not everyone gladly took in Jews during the holocaust. Our nation turned away boatloads of refugees.

The other thing I might mention is regardless if you've supported them over the years in most things Middle East, they have never been the epitomy of a good neighbor or a compassionate country.

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