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August 31, 2007

Smoking ordinance

I enjoyed the story on the three comedy clubs in town (8/26, A+E, “It’s all just for laughs”).

My husband and I have been to Famous Johnny’s Comedy Club in Overland Park twice in the last three weeks. I think all the people who are against the city’s smoking ordinance should go there and see that no smoking does not ruin a business.

Both times that we were there (on Saturday nights even) the crowds were good and smokers and nonsmokers were peacefully coexisting.

People who wanted to smoke simply went outside on the patio and smoked. It seems to be working well at that particular comedy club.

Melissa Brown




Peace at last! Peace at last!

I am glad that the violent riots that had been occuring between smokers and non-smokers have ended.


Can't we all just get along?


In Unfettered Letters Melissa Brown offers a status quo solution where both bar and restaurant owners can retain some semblance of control of their privately owned businesses!
In the same (9/1) issue the Stars editorial “Let the voters have their say on smoking” suggested “If the Kansas City Council won’t look out for the health and welfare of Kansas Citians, they deserve the opportunity to do it themselves”
Translation!--- We, the Star's editorial board will continue to meddle and infringe on the rights of your business for a segment of the public or a consumer who may never or would never frequent your establishment!
It’s never unusual to battle a liberal city hall or government to retain a civil right but in Kansas City the individual council members will likely bow to the ivory tower editorial “wisdom” of the Star with hopes for future endorsement and political gain!


No such thing as "peaceful coexistance" iin regard too anything else. Why should there be in this regard?


This proves it once and for all. Nothing left to say.

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