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August 13, 2007

TV music too loud

Friends I talk to say what my husband and I say: The music on TV is louder than the people talking. So you turn up the volume, but sometimes you still can’t understand because then the music is even louder.

I realize that, more and more, TV is geared toward the young and they like loud music, but we senior citizens like to watch TV and we can’t enjoy it with the music hurting our eardrums.

And, of course, the commercials are way too loud. But that is a no-brainer: Just hit the mute button.

Carol Bayer
Kansas City



If it's too loud, you're too old.

Just Thinking

The music cannot be louder than the people talking or everyone would have the problem. You probably have lost some sensitivity to the frequencies that are more common to voices. Or perhaps you are having trouble with sharp sounds or sibilant sounds required to distinguish letters such as "t" "d" "k" etc.

It could be time to consult with an audiologist so that you can enjoy television again.

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