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September 13, 2007

Dowtown amphitheater

I know that many people agree that Kansas City needs downtown stadiums. I agree, but I think what KC also needs is a downtown, outdoor amphitheater.

I know people will say, well we have the Sprint Center for that. The Sprint Center will be great for many good, big-name musical attractions. However, being outside is a completely different experience and, in my opinion, is much more enjoyable for a concert.

People will also say that we already have Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Bonner Springs. Not for long. It has lost its manager, LiveNation (9/7, A-1, “The day the music died?”).

Moreover, as great of a venue as it is, it would be much neater downtown. Kansas City is definitely moving in the right direction in trying to improve our downtown, and I think an amphitheater there would be great for business as well as entertainment.

Connor Callahan
Kansas City



I think not that many people agree we need downtown stadiums. Seems like we spoke to that already. We are lucky to have two of the most easily accessed and fan friendly stadiums in the nation. How could we have it better for all of the metro. people pushing for the downtown stadiums did not have the best interest of fans (who spend the $$$) at heart. Heck, our parking lots at Truman are almost as large as all of downtown.

Same with the idea for an outside venue for concerts. Within a few minutes walk we have the Midland, the Lyric, the New Arts center, Municipal and the Music Hall and the new Sprint center. I'd say thats variety enough that no more competition is needed. We have it very good already.




these are two links to some concerts I was recently at at Red Rocks, just so those of you who haven't seen it can see the view from the back rows of the amphitheatre


this just popped in my mind.....another reason why amphiteatres aren't in the city, is because of the noise. Having outdoor shows downtown would mean there would be strict curfews on the events to prevent 'noise pollution'. Currently, Sandstone has to end at somewhere around 1130 or so (midnight at the latest if the artist pushes his/her luck). If the venue was downtown, surely the concert wouldn't be able to last past 1030 in any circumstance unless it was entirely acoustic.

Also, most amphiteatres are built on more of a natural slope, with the steepest slopes being better (part of the reason why red rocks is great...that and it is in the mountains with a fabulous view of the lights across Denver, and large natural enclosed walls that allow the sound waves to bounce back and forth creating a more natural amplification). Where would one find that space in downtown?


Don't you understand there is no need of parking for downtown attractions? People can walk. But I must admit that when I visualize Red Rocks in the downtown area I can't visualize room for much else.


Casady, I'd like to hear more about Stretch and Grinders and his issues with the city. Would you consider submitting a letter to the editor on the topic?


After we put two stadiums and an amphitheater plus the needed parking for the three venues, I wonder where there would be room for anything else.

Amphitheaters tend to be in out of the way places because they take up LOTS of space.


Since you brought up Crossroads, lets just take a look at the facts. Here is a guy (Stretch) who is taking it upon himself to provide an outdoor music venue for thousands of people without enlisting the help of large corporate investors and he is being hassled by the city every step of the way. Shouldn't the city be bending over backwards to promote grass rotts efforts like this? My guess is that the outside corporate investors who are pouring money into the entertainment district are not too happy about some upstart taking hundreds if not thousands of potential customers away from their cookie cutter establishments. As a result, might they be pressuring city officials to put pressure on Griders? Just a thought. (And Stone, I couldn't agree with you more about Red Rocks)



if you haven't seen this, it is hilarious. This is reason enough to hope that KC never books Brittany Spears


What exactly do you consider "the crossroads"? It has held numerous outdoor concerts since its opening last may. Also, Starlight is a great outdoor venue, even though it isn't downtown.
Sandstone...i mean Verizon, is a giant piece of crap excuse for an amphiteatre. Granted, KC will never have an amphiteatre that lives up to any place like Red Rocks (a natural amphiteatre, and possibly the greatest concert venue in the nation) or Alpine Valley in Wisconsin, or The Gorge in Washington. But, in contrast, NONE of those theatres are in the city's downtown area, which sort of shows that an outdoor downtown amphiteatre is not always desirable.

LA has the Hollywood bowl for some shows, but, getting out after a show is a humongous pain, and you can't leave during the show because every car is blocked in by like 50 cars

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